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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences   
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The grand mural over the main entrance to Harvey Hall carries the inscription “For the promotion of Industry, Skill, and Honor.” Today, the College of Arts and Sciences upholds the tradition and advances that philosophy through state-of-the-art programming into the 21st century.

Through our programs, we offer students the tools to develop knowledge, skills, and talents to prepare for challenging careers in studio art; graphic, industrial, interior, and multimedia design; applied mathematics and computer science; technical communication; and applied science. Our faculty and staff are at work on exciting new projects in areas such as bioinformatics, nanotechnology, applied social science, and entertainment technology.

In this issue of Outlook you will learn more about several of these initiatives. We are doing great things in the sciences: featured faculty member Chuck Bomar; a trip to Lake Huron by some of our student researchers; and the Curricular Incubation Center. You will also learn about our extraordinary professional advisory board for art and design, the growth and evolution of our technical communication program, and the tremendous success of our Math Teaching and Learning Center.

As dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, I am proud of our faculty and staff and excited about the opportunities we are providing to our students. What we do in this college literally changes the lives of our students and contributes significantly to the relevance, the reputation, and the rewards that are so much a part of the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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