Friendship Bridges Time and Continents

Friendship Bridges Time and Continents

BELOW Verstegen, Johnson and Johnson‘s mother (clock wise) during the visit.
INSET Verstegen and Johnson were in Liberia for the inauguration of its president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Johnson-Sirleaf is the first elected female president in Africa.

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The bond of college roommates can last a lifetime. Kim Jones Verstegen ’82 and Florence Allen Johnson ’82 have continued a close friendship that began as students and roommates in 1978. Since their graduation, the two have continued to visit each other every year.

In January 2006, their reunion was especially meaningful. They were able to accomplish a goal they set out to do in college. They traveled together to Liberia, Johnson’s homeland.

Liberia had been involved in a civil war for more than two decades. However, the inauguration of a new president in January brought an opportunity for peace—and the first chance for Verstegen and Johnson to travel there.

Their next get-together brought them full circle. The two met again this past November at UW-Stout. Verstegen and Johnson spoke to students about their lifelong friendship and their historic trip to Liberia during the university’s International Week events, hosted by the Office of International Education.

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