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“You never know when you’ll run into the chancellor,” says Pittman.
        “He’ll even turn up as a surprise guest at a dinner party in India.”

Madhuri Penkar and Subhash Penkar stand next to the framed picture of Shilpa Penkar Jopshi receiving her diploma.
UW-STOUT (and Chancellor Sorensen) are Everywhere

A UW-Stout group was not expecting to see Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen while the group toured India. But it’s a small world.

Peter D’Souza ’88, associate professor of hospitality and tourism, and his family were visiting India with Sue Pittman ’82, director of alumni services, and friend Mike Warden this past summer. During their stay in Mahim, the group received dinner invitations to the home of Drs. Subhash J. and Madhuri Penkar, parents of a former UW-Stout student.

Upon entering the Penkar home, the UW-Stout guests came face-to-face with none other than the university chancellor. He appeared almost life size in a 11”x 20” picture frame. The photograph was taken during the graduation of their daughter, Shilpa Penkar Joshi ’99, as she received her master’s degree in food science and nutrition from UW-Stout. Joshi, is a research associate in molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke University, where she is completing her Ph.D.