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Q and A with Gregory L. Trzebiatowski Alumnus talks about establishing a school in Chile.

What motivated you to establish The Thomas Jefferson School, a bilingual, private college-preparatory school in Concepcion, Chile?

People ask this question quite frequently. Those who know me quite well usually ask the question in a slightly different form, “What ever possessed you?” They ask this after they find out I funded the project with my own resources and gave up a senior tenured position at Ohio State University. More...

A Library for Every Province Chuck Theusch is helping the people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia build libraries.

It was December 1999, and Chuck Theusch ’76 had a plan. He would visit various world capitals on a self-guided millennium tour. Hanoi in Vietnam would be his first stop. It also would become his last. In Vietnam, an even bigger plan developed. It was one of those opportunity-of-a-lifetime moments so significant that he canceled the rest of his trip. More...

Move to Germany a Slam Dunk Alumna resides in Germany as a result of her former basketball career.

Friendship Bridges Time and Continents Two college roommates travel together to one’s home country.

Reunions: Save the Date Golden and 40th reunions being held in 2007.

Weaving Together a Career in Fabric A UW-Stout education helps thread alumna’s career together.

Outlook’s New Attitude Outlook has been redesigned with the help of some alumnae.

Word of Stout Help spread the good Stout word.

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