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The cover story for this issue of Outlook concerns the problem of high risk alcohol use by our students. I want to explain my position on this issue.

Courtney Williams had a simple answer when asked why she was waiting for the Dunn County Express bus on a January afternoon near Jarvis Hall.

The Founding Fathers are known in America as the men who wrote the U.S. Constitution and helped shape the world’s most powerful democracy. The Pounding Fathers, as they’ve become known in Dunn County, are just trying to make their homeland a little better place to live, one nail at a time.

UW-Stout’s Web presence will have a new look and feel this year, with the first comprehensive redesign of the site.

Kim Hahn, a professor in the apparel and communications technology department at UW-Stout, went in a new direction with something old.

Students in the Graphic Communications Practicum class wouldn’t hesitate to say their three credits were hard-earned.

Heritage Hall is the new name for the former Home Economics Building. “We needed to update the name of the building while preserving the link it provides to the rich history of UW-Stout,” Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen said.

Professor Kris Schoonover spends her summers at a golf course, which seems appropriate given that she directs the golf enterprise management program at UW-Stout.

Charles W. Sorensen is the longest-serving leader in the 120-year history of UW-Stout. Sorensen has been chancellor for more than 22½ years. He began serving Aug. 1, 1988.

UW-Stout has begun an advocacy effort to connect its alumni with state legislators and other elected state officials.

In June, Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen approved UW-Stout’s participation in the Return to Wisconsin program effective fall 2012. The program offers a 25 percent tuition discount to nonresident students choosing to attend UW-Stout whose parents, grandparents or legal guardians are UW-Stout alumni.

Susan Wolfgram, a human development and family studies professor at UW-Stout, believes in the premise that “one bad decision can change your life forever.”

Responding to news of the renovation of Hovlid Hall, the opening of the new North Point Dining and Fitness Center and the closing of JTC dining hall and a long-range plan to tear down JTC:

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