Not Your Typical Kindergarten Teacher

Not Your Typical Kindergarten Teacher

There is a national shortage of male teachers, according to the National Education Association, and that  shortage is most pronounced in elementary schools, where men make up only 9 percent of teachers.

Jon Severson ’06 is bucking that trend.

Severson teaches kindergarten at Southview Elementary School in Waconia, Minn., 30 miles west of the Twin Cities.

“With the divorce rate so high, I think some children create a relationship with me that they might not have on a consistent basis,” Severson said. “Some children see their dads only on the weekends. They see me every day.”

Severson believes kindergarten teachers, whether male or female, must be caring and empathetic, areas in  which he excels.

“Reading out loud to the children is hands-down my favorite part of the day,” Severson said. “The children really get into the story and it is fun to be able to differentiate between characters in the story.”

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Jon Severson in his classroom.


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