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Student-athletes recognized for their classroom achievements

UW-Stout recognized student-athletes for the first time last spring. Students approaching their final season of eligibility and who have at least a 3.5 GPA received a medallion. Those who were in attendance are, front row from left: Heather Harmeyer, Alexa Ahler, Leah Hauck, Lyndsey Melcher, Samantha Peterson and Tara Kimberly. Back row from left: Tim Nelson, Jake Duske, Cory Hedeen, Chris Haynes, Jodi Larson, Daniel Drewek and Anne Guthrie.

This is the first time such a recognition was held at UW-Stout, although high-achieving student-athletes previously have been honored by the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and the NCAA.

Fifteen students qualified to receive a medallion, designed by UW-Stout students, by taking a cumulative 3.5 grade-point average into the semester before their final season of eligibility.

“These student-athletes exemplify excellence, both in their educational pursuits and their athletic endeavors,” said Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, who participated in the ceremony in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center.

The medallion was designed by students Kathryne Mikutowski and Zakary Snell. The medallion can be worn during graduation ceremonies.

Each honoree also invited an academic faculty or staff member who had a positive impact on their years at UW-Stout.

The awards are expected to be an annual event.