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Favorite Facebook Posts


Regarding the $6.6 million renovation of Fleming Hall:

“When my dad went to Stout he remember students switching the ‘e’ in Fleming and the ‘a’ in hall to say Flaming Hell. LOL!!!”

     - Alyce Heinzen

“I lived in Fleming Hall in the ‘80s and have a picture of the sign saying “Fl”a”ming H”e”ll! Too funny! Glad to hear that it is being updated!”

     - Tami Dawson

“Home for me my freshman year (1996), and it could have used an overhaul then.”

    - Heather Strupp Hanner

“I was on the top floor back in 1965. We had sweatshirts made with the Playboy bunny, because we were on the penthouse!!”

     - Ron Baeseman

The 2011 Memorial Student Center renovation:

“Wow. This place did not even exist when I graduated and it is being rehabbed already? I remember when the Modulux was on this piece of land along with a house that people lived in. One thing about change, it changes.”

    - Tom DeHahn

The Biggest Loser — Stout Style, a health competition:

“Great idea! Wish we would have had that when I was a freshman ... might have been able to avoid the freshman 15!”

     - Michelle Pendleton Ostmoe

The repairs to Bowman Hall Clock Tower clocks:

“I will never forget English class across from the bell tower when I thought the world was going to end because the bells wouldn’t stop tolling.”

     - Rachel McCabe

“I have pictures from the inside of the tower as it looked in 1981. It is an awesome place. This was before they did the remodel and the old gym was still on the top floor. It was an awesome private tour ... the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

       - Tom DeHahn

The new energy-efficient windows installed in Froggatt Hall:

“I miss Froggatt! I lived on the first floor; my window overlooked the small parking lot. The only thing I don’t miss is the fire alarms at all hours of the day-night. Uggh.”

     - Paul Bonnin

The record 2011-12 enrollment of 9,357:

“I loved my years at Stout, and now my niece is a student there! Great education, great memories and lifelong friends!”

     - Jeanne Svendsen McIlavy

“I just toured the campus with my children just before the beginning of the year. My daughter was so impressed with the campus that she applied and was accepted for spring semester.”

     - John Richards