1st Lt. Jeff Polk ’09 received a little piece of home — a UW-Stout flag — in a care package sent to him by his brother after he was called to duty this year in Afghanistan. Polk was part of the Army ROTC program at UW-Stout and was commissioned in 2009 as an Infantry officer. In Afghanistan, he’s in charge of a platoon COP (Combat Outpost) “in the middle of nowhere. Sounds awesome, and it is,” he said. Most of the time his platoon walks through orchards, canals, deserts and riverbeds. “Everything is partnered with the ANA (Afghan National Army) or some other element of ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces). Two months in and I’ve already walked over 100 kilometers (62 miles).” He expects to return from his tour early next year. “Hopefully the Packers can make it to another Super Bowl and I’ll be able to watch it stateside,” he said.

Summer Outlook 2012