On Campus

Wisconsin’s economic strength relies heavily on its educational foundation, and we are fortunate to have an extremely strong system of higher education, one that must be preserved and supported.

Chancellor Chareles Sorensen

The University of Wisconsin System’s great strength lies in its diversity: two doctoral campuses, 11 comprehensive universities and 13 two-year colleges.  Each comprehensive campus has its own unique mission and, within the past several years, a number of the universities have focused even more sharply on describing their purpose and programs.

This differentiation is critical because the market for higher education is becoming extremely competitive. Highly successful for-profit institutions, private colleges, and virtual programs and universities are challenging the dominance the UW System once had in the market.

Just as in the private sector, we must brand our uniqueness; we must characterize our programs and campuses so our students, parents, stakeholders and employers understand the value that we provide.

UW-Stout’s newest residence hall has been recognized for its architecture.

Patrick Liebergen, who has been director of choral activities at UW-Stout for 29 years, was invited to conduct his works at Carnegie Hall in New York City last November.

Three students from UW-Stout were named finalists in a national college competition to invent campus greening projects.

Research at UW-Stout has determined Legacy Chocolates, a local chocolatier, offers dark chocolate truffles with greater concentrations of healthy flavanols than most commercially available dark chocolates.

Over the years, students have popularized dishes made through University Dining Service. Here are two recipes that may bring back delicious memories.

With Cook’n for College Kids, it doesn’t have to be the same old thing. If college students are getting tired of eating basic macaroni and cheese, they should try adding fried Canadian bacon, Cajun seasoning and herbs to the boxed staple.

Summer Outlook 2012