UW-Stout alumni Bob and Charllotte Janeczko have donated more than $1 million for scholarships to UW-Stout’s plastics engineering program.
Plastics engineering wasn’t offered when Bob and Charllotte Nehring Janeczko attended UW-Stout in the 1960s, but their generosity will help ensure that students for decades to come will have that option.
The Janeczkos have pledged in excess of $1 million to be used in the form of scholarships for students majoring in plastics engineering. “This is a unique institution,” Bob said of UW-Stout, where he and Charllotte met.
The donation is their way of providing long-term support for UW-Stout and strengthening a growing career field, one that has been good to them. “If you’re successful, we believe you have an obligation to give back in a meaningful way,” said Bob, who graduated in 1963 with a degree in technology education.
The Janeczkos bought Innovative Injection Technologies, also known as i2tech, in 2003. The company, which has 150 employees, engineers plastic components and subassemblies in West Des Moines, Iowa. Bob is CEO.
Charllotte, who graduated in 1965 in home economics education, is a retired teacher and homemaker. They have four children. “We wanted to leave a legacy. It’s a positive way to be remembered,” said Charllotte.
The Janeczkos’ initial donation of $200,000, using estate planning tools, will ultimately yield an endowment worth more than $750,000. For the next 20 years, until the endowment matures and becomes self-sustaining, they also pledged $15,000 a year — or $300,000 — to fund the annual student scholarships.

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