Students in the Graphic Communications Practicum class wouldn’t hesitate to say their three credits were hard-earned.
“We pretty much live in this building,” said Jessica Roethle, a UW-Stout junior from Rubicon, referring to the Communication Technologies Building, where students spent many hours in the labs operating the printing presses and related machines.
The 10 students, all graphic communications management majors, had their hands full. In less than three months, they finalized plans for, set up, printed and presented to customers a cookbook, a literary and arts book, three brochures, several posters, a membership directory and a number of smaller projects.
The class worked in three teams, with each team assigned between five and seven major projects.
“I learned time management. You really have to plan,” said Cassie Pittman, a senior from Arkansaw.
Professor Jim Tenorio calls the class “a valuable capstone course for students in the GCM program. It allows them to integrate the skills and knowledge they have obtained from their other technical and management classes.”
From left to right, Felicia Buchko, Professor Jim Tenorio, Nathan Giannunzio and Gina Breitenfeldt check print quality on part of a membership directory they were producing for the Greater Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce.

Summer Outlook 2012