Richard Howe ’90 and Kelly Frye ’91 reside in Prescott.

John Richards ’90 and Michelle Peterson reside in Portland, Ore.

Dr. Lloyd Krieger and Rose Mack ’93 reside in Los Angeles, Calif.

Dan Yu and Jill Borofka ‘95 reside in Menlo, Calif.

Brian Marotz and Susan Johnson ’96 reside in Westfield.

Pat Pedersen and Amy Uher ’96 reside in Appleton.

Eric Jenkins BS ’97, MS ’99 and Allyson Bain reside in Auburn, Pa.

Jason Manka ’00 and Stacy Patnode reside in Rosemount, Minn.

Matthew McClintic ’01 and Jennifer Wucherer ’00 reside in Hopkins, Minn.

Jason King and Melissa Janz ’02 reside in Madison.

Bradley McCulloch and Jamie Fowler BS ’02, MS ’04 reside in Woodville.

Derek Stephany and Michelle Ferigan ’02 reside in Sun Prairie.

Christopher Clements ’03 and Christa Williams ’02 reside in Eau Claire.

Michael Cropp ’03 and Corisa Baskin reside in Menomonie.

Prescott Phillips ’03 and Krista Borchers ’03 reside in Minneapolis.

Timothy Faber ’03 and Jillian Huppert ’04 reside in Fond du Lac.

Robert Kaszubowski ’03 and Malia Deziel ’03 reside in Maple Grove, Minn.

Todd Tombrock ’03 and Wendee Peil ’00 reside in Newport, Minn.

Andrew Willing and Lisa Lipetzky ’03 reside in Fridley, Minn.

Bradley Ceranski and Jamie Lyn Miller MS ’04 reside in Thorp.

Nathan Heiking and Carrie Bulin ’04 reside in Columbus.

Bryan Peacock and Cindy Yerges ’04 reside in Sussex.

Nathan Richartz ’04 and Brooke McDonald ’02 reside in Menomonie.

David Vander Velden ’04 and Beth Janelle ’04 reside in Appleton.

Nicholas Canaday ’05 and Sarah Schuetz reside in River Falls.

Rory Endres and Emily Lamberty ’05 reside in Waunakee.

Flint Hady and Tanya Namtzu ’05 reside in Evansville.

Nathan Johnson ’05 and Sarah Hutton ’05 reside in Eagan, Minn.

Karl Strachota ’05 and Michelle Schoner ’05 reside in New Berlin.

Scott Gerike and Jamie Kaeding ’06 reside in Fairchild.

Todd Hoebing ’06 and Brooke Stevenson ’07 reside in Austin, Minn.

Adam Maslowski ’06 and Julie Crary reside in Oshkosh.

Steven Roberts and Holli Ostman ’06 reside in Oliver.

Joel Bernstein ’07 and Kerianne Otremba ’05 reside in Oshkosh.

Ryan Englebert ’07 and Heidi Schultz ’07 reside in Grafton.

Kyle Haase and Kaitlin Schult ’07 reside in Rhinelander.

David Malcolm and Abigail Zander ’07 reside in Missoula, Mont.

Greg Nielsen and Katie Burce ’07 reside in Stillwater, Minn.

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