Sweet Research

Research at UW-Stout has determined Legacy Chocolates, a local chocolatier, offers dark chocolate truffles with greater concentrations of healthy flavanols than most commercially available dark chocolates. Flavanols are what give dark chocolate its health benefits, from reducing bad cholesterol to promoting a healthy heart. The research conducted by faculty members Cynthia Rohrer, food and nutrition, and Marty Ondrus, chemistry; and graduate student Kerrie Kaspar indicated that greater levels of cacao solids in dark chocolate — at least 60 percent — give the most health benefits. The research team found that most commercially available dark chocolate such as Dove and Hershey’s are 40 percent to 50 percent cacao solids, while Legacy offers dark chocolate that is up to 85 percent cacao solids. Although the researchers say all dark chocolate has heart-healthy benefits, consumers who want the most value should look for the highest concentrations of cacao solids.  

Link to www.legacychocolates.com

Summer Outlook 2012