From left to right, Bill Hock, Bob Jaeger, Jim Nelson and Dick Jorgenson, who all graduated in 1968, toasted their college days with a bottle of wine that one of them bought in 1963. Jaeger recently came across the unopened bottle.
When four UW-Stout alumni recently toasted their college days, they did so with a “vintage” bottle of wine. The wine was 44 years old, dating to their freshman year on campus.

For the former housemates, Bill Hock , Bob Jaeger, Dick Jorgenson and Jim Nelson, 1963 was a very good year to remember. As freshmen, they couldn’t have alcohol in their dorm rooms. However, they bought a bottle anyway and kept it on display to jokingly thumb their noses at the establishment and Fleming Hall director Helmuth “Pookie” Albrecht.

No one drank the wine, and eventually it was stored away unopened, according to Jaeger. When Jaeger was moving several years ago and going through old possessions, he found the bottle of Strawberry Glen and recalled its history.
The men, who all graduated in 1968, uncorked it recently and raised a glass to their careers and their days in college.

Although they feared the wine might be no good, “it poured out clear as water and tasted as sweet as it would have forty-four years ago,” Jaeger said. “A good time was had by all reminiscing over our years at Stout, the different journeys life has taken each of us on, but most of all being thankful for the years of friendship that started at Stout,” Jaeger said.

Hock, from Eau Claire, recently retired from teaching in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Jaeger, from Menomonee Falls, recently retired from teaching in the Milwaukee public schools. Jorgenson, from Oconomowoc, is an engineer at Zero Zone Inc. in North Prairie, Wis. Nelson, from Nashotah, owns a construction business and cabinet shop.

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