Eight industrial design students collaborated on a new medical device, which helps children with rare lung diseases get oxygen while they sleep.
Eight junior-level students majoring in art with a concentration in industrial design participated in a collaborative project with the nonprofit organization DesignWise Medical and the School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas, both in Minneapolis. Through assistant professor Noah Norton’s design class, Human Interface and Interaction, students worked on the Overnight Pediatric Oxygen Delivery System, or OPOD, a device designed to deliver oxygen to a sleeping child with problems relating to a group of rare lung diseases called Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease.
The students, Linnea Longborg, Hans Neilsen, Steve Lambert, Grayson Smith, Jennifer Seward, Jenny Byrd, Ben Heard and Dave Keyes, made prototypes considering the needs of parents and children. For parents, that included ease of use, cleaning and peace of mind. For children, the device needed to be friendly and nonthreatening. A final prototype will be chosen, fine tuning will take place and then to market it goes.

Summer Outlook 2012