University of Wisconsin-Stout

As Nov. 11 approaches, one’s thoughts turn to veterans who have served in the military. Some of our country’s newest veterans—those coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan—return to college upon their arrival to the states and find reintegration into civilian life difficult. In September, a Veterans Forum was established at UW-Stout for student veterans who have recently completed active military service. The group meets weekly for support and education; they develop contacts and relationships with fellow students who have had similar wartime experiences. The forum is moderated by psychologists, and tips and strategies are shared to support veterans with any personal, social or academic difficulties they experience in their transition to school at UW-Stout. For more information, contact Grant Bauste, practicum counselor, at or (715) 232-2468; or John Achter, counseling center director, at or (715) 232-2468.