University of Wisconsin-Stout

Nov. 3, 2011

A panel presentation and discussion on “Inequality, Protest and Democracy” hosted by the Social Science Speaker Series at University of Wisconsin-Stout will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, in room 131 of Heritage Hall.

The presentation is open to the public.

Panelists include faculty members Chris Ferguson, economics; Nels Paulson, sociology; and Thomas Pearson, anthropology.

The recent emergence of social movements in the United States from the left and the right raises questions of the problems existing in society. Of particular note is the rise of the 99 percent Movement or the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

The discussion will rest on this and other movements, such as the Tea Party, Madison protests and the Rally to Restore Sanity, from a variety of social science perspectives.

Specific substantive issues like economic inequality and democracy will be discussed, as well as some reflections on the nature of collective mobilization and direct action.

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