University of Wisconsin-Stout

May 16, 2011

The Northwood Army ROTC Battalion, consisting of UW-Stout, UW-Eau Claire and UW-River Falls, sent seven cadets recently to the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition at Michigan Tech. All seven earned the top award, GAFB Gold.

The battalion was the only organization whose members achieved gold level proficiency and the only organization with all participants receiving a medal.

Representing UW-Stout were Travis Blinkiewicz, of Tomah; Curtis Klever, of Sartell, Minn.; and David Steller, of Arkansaw. UW-River Falls was represented by Austin Peck and Cale Huppert; Molly Jones and Doug Dessecker represented UW-Eau Claire.

Timed or measured events included combinations of 100- and 1,000-meter sprints, 3K-5K runs, long jump, high jump, 200-meter swim, 9mm marksmanship, shot put/stone throw, first aid proficiency and a 7.5 mile road march. German Army officers and noncommissioned officers served as evaluators.

The badge is one of the only foreign awards authorized for wear on the U.S. uniform.

For more information, contact Brian Stout, chair of the military science program at UW-Stout, at 715-232-5629 or