University of Wisconsin-Stout

Nov. 15, 2010

Will Prindle of Eau Claire, a member of the ROTC program at UW-Stout, has decided he wants to serve his country ó again.

Prindle signed commitment papers last week to enter the Army as a second lieutenant when he graduates in December 2011.

Prindle already is a veteran. After graduating from Memorial High School in 1999, he entered the Marine Corps and served four years, including six months in Afghanistan and seven months in Iraq. He returned home in 2003 as a corporal.

As part of the ROTC program, he must serve another eight years after graduating from UW-Stout, either on active duty or in the National Guard or Army Reserve, or a combination of the two.

However, Prindle has decided to make a career of the military. Service members can retire after 20 years of duty.

ďTo me, itís a job Iím trained for and have the passion for. Itís my honor to do that,Ē Prindle said. ďI love being in the military. I feel Iíve got a goal, that Iím part of something bigger.Ē

Prindle is one of 43 ROTC cadets at UW-Stout and one of 12 who have signed a ROTC Cadet Contract this fall, according to Lt. Col. JoAnne Parks, an ROTC recruiter on campus.

ROTC stands for Reserve Officersí Training Corps. For more information, contact Parks at 715-232-1427, or go to