About Classlist

Use the Classlist tool to view who's enrolled in your course, check users' online statuses, send email or pager messages, view shared locker files, and read their blogs if they have one.

Depending on your permissions, the Classlist tool enables you to add or remove course participants, change user roles, create new users, and import users from a TXT or CSV file. You can use the options in the context menu beside each user's name to manage user auditors, view user progress, view group enrollments, and impersonate users.

Note  If enrolled users are missing from the classlist, ensure the Display users enrolled as this role in classlist check box is selected for their roles. This option is set from the Edit Role page in the Roles and Permissions administration tools area. Contact system administration if you think this option should be modified for you or specific users.

Access the Classlist tool

Click Classlist on the navbar.

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