Room Vacancy Process


I want a roommate

I DO NOT want a single room and agree to accept a new roommate at any time. If I have a resident in mind that I would like to have live with me, I will instruct that person to email my Hall Director about moving into my room within 2 business days. I will also send a follow up email to my hall director stating my desire to have a specific student be my roommate. I understand that my contract is for a space in a residence hall, not a particular room. The University reserves the right to reassign students in order to make the most effective use of available accommodations.

I have read and understand the Room Vacancy Process.

By submitting this information, I hereby agree to accept ANY other student as my roommate.

I want a single room

I WOULD LIKE a single room for the remainder of the academic year. I understand that the cost of a single room will be pro-rated for the remainder of the school year. All policies pertaining to room furnishings outlined in the Residence Hall Lease/Contract apply to single rooms. All terms and conditions in the Residence Hall and Dining Services Lease/Contract are applicable to this addendum. This specifically includes Sections 6 and 18 pertaining to subleasing and overnight guests.

UW-Stout reserves the right to suspend this single room lease/contract in the event of an emergency, which would necessitate reassigning other residents if their rooms are uninhabitable. All other residence hall accomodations will be used prior to reassignment to a paid single room.

The additional cost of a single room for the academic year is $500.00 per semester. You will receive an email indicating the additional charge that has been added to your University account.


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By checking this box, I understand my selection and also understand that once I click submit below, my decision cannot be changed. If I have any questions, I will contact University Housing as soon as possible.