University of Wisconsin - Stout

Alliteration Game

For this icebreaker you will need nothing but your mind. First tell everyone to think of alliteration for their name that describes themselves. Examples, Random Ryan, Awe-man Adam, Dancing Dana. When everyone is ready have one person start and say their alliteration. Then the next person will say the first persons and then theirs. This will repeat until everyone has gone

M&M Fun Facts Game

Buy some M&Ms and tell everyone to grab some M&Ms. For every M&M you have, you have to tell one thing about yourself. The colors of the M&Ms you chose will tell you what you have to share about yourself.
Blue – Tell us one of your interests/hobbies/activities
Green – Tell us about your hometown
Red - Tell us about your major (why you pick that major, etc.)
Yellow – Tell us about your family
Orange – Tell us where you have been
Brown – Tell us your favorite food

Captain of the Boat

Have everyone go outside, but before you to that explain the rules of the game. The rules are that you are a captain of a boat and you will give commands to your crew (Everyone in RHA). The orders you have to call are:
Attention on Deck- Everyone salutes to you and have to hold the salute until you say "at ease"
At ease- Everyone relaxes and stops saluting.
Dance party- two people dance together and if someone doesn't have a partner they are out.
Row boat- three people line up behind each other and start rowing and if someone doesn't have a partner they are out.
Octopus- four people with their backs to each other move their arms to look like and octopus and if someone doesn't have a partner they are out.
Seasick- everyone hurls over the deck of the "ship"
After every the last four activities you have to say attention on deck to make the crew stop. And if your crew tries to move while in attention, like you say octopus before you say at ease, the crew members that move are out.

What are you doing?

Have everyone make a circle in the center of the tables. For this game you should demonstrate on how to play with three people. To play this game one person starts to do an activity like jumping rope, napping, or jumping jacks. Then the person to the left or right asks "What are you doing?" The person who is doing an activity tells the person who asked the question any action they are not doing so if the person was doing pushups the said person could say "I am cooking." or something to that effect. This will continue throughout the circle and then when you are back to the beginning you should then reverse the direction.

Two Truths and a Lie

For this icebreaker everyone has to have two truths and one lie. Examples should be like I have read a twelve book series, I have biked the Red Cedar trail, and I have gone to State Forensics every year in high school. The truths and lies should be hard to tell what is true or false. Then you go around and share them. Then you have to pick out the lie from each person. You can either do this with the whole group or have a number of groups and then at the end share the most interesting lies.