University of Wisconsin - Stout

Parli Pro Video

Parli Pro Rap Lyrics

Parli Pro rap yo
Parli pro is the way to go,
its what we use at our meetings
yo yo yo

I call to question is an aspect of our meetings
you must respect
it means I'm ready to vote
as it's written in the note

To make a motion, you say I move to
give some money from me to you
it must be then seconded by another member
it goes to a vote
you must remember
with the President announcing the outcome

There comes a time when you must move,
and issue to the floor
it starts on the table then by going to the floor it's like it's out the door

It's very simple you see
you just say I'd like to move something from the table to the floor

Are you, ready for more?

The standard order for meetings is approval of the minutes
reports of officers boards and committees
then on to old business followed by the new
Oh! careful not to step on my shoe!

If you're not a speaking member, you must be yielded to, you must remember

So don't talk out of order
and get called on it by an executive boarder

Thats it for now,
for parli pro
until next time yall I'm Cooper fo sho!