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About Stout@Hand

Stout@Hand is a sub-committee of UW- Stout's RHA. Stout@Hand is a discussion based group which tackles issues affecting students living in campus residence halls. Not only are issues in residence halls discussed, but issues concerning the entire Stout campus are as well. As a discussion based group, students are able to share their opinions on campus issues. When an issue does arise, students make it their responsibility to find a solution. Some examples of issues Stout@Hand tackles are internet connections, campus parking, residence halls, campus security but the list is endless. Stout@Hand allows students to fix problems which affect not only themselves, but the whole student body.

Request For Improvement

Stout@Hand is looking for areas around campus and in the halls that need to be improved. If you have any ideas please take a few moments to fill out the survey below or email us at

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Current Projects

  • Education of impacts smoking has on the people around us
  • Addition of a street light near Wigen and the Red Cedar parking lot
  • Snow Removal between North and South Campus
  • Resident halls being excessively hot
  • Repair Railing by the highway
  • Better Advertisement for tutoring

Contact Us ... Or Come To One Of Our Meetings
Monday 5:00pm - 5:30pm
Red Cedar conference room