Submit a Program
With programing this year, Stout is trying something new. The Univeristy of Wisconsin-Stout is very active in being sustainable and a technology base campus. With this, we would like to incorporate it into our conference. Any programs that you plan to have handouts, we ask that you make an electronic copy that can be emailed out to the participants. If you would like to have printed handouts, please bring them prior to coming to the conference.

In order to ensure that we have a good number of submissions, we are asking that each school submit at least one program for every five delegates. There is no limit to the number of delegates at this time. Mail, Email, or Fax Form Due by February 1, 2013.

1-5 Delegates = 1 proposal

6-10 Delegates= 2 proposals

11-15 Delegates = 3 proposals

16-20 Delegates = 4 proposals


Program Submission Form

*Please download the form to fill it out
  • Are interactive - more conversational than lecture
  • Are informative
  • Leave participant with walk-away value (leave with practical advice they can implement on their campus)
  • Follow description in conference booklet
  • Have engaging, energetic, passionate speakers
  • Are multi-media (be consious of different learning styles and incorporate presentation techniques that allow all types of learners to be engaged.)
  • Incorporate humor
  • Used reall life examples and stories
  • Touch on new or different topics
  • Not reading word for word off the slides
  • Have knowledgeable, prepared presenters
  • Are all theoretical with no practical experiences
  • Are poorly timed or prepared (presenter can’t get through their slides, doesn’t know their material, etc.)
  • Doesn’t match the descrition in the conference booklet
  • Has too much info
  • Offer nothing tangible to bring back to colleagues or students
  • Don’t directly relate back to our immediate work with students
  • Are obviously thrown together last minute; poorly practiced
  • Use AV inappropriately (i.e. turns back to audience and reads from slides)
  • Are all “lecture” with no interactions