An OTM or Of The Month is a way to recognize outstanding programs and individuals within residence life. Not only do OTMs recognize an amazing person or program at your school, it also lets other schools across the nation read how wonderful they are and even create similar outstanding programs at their schools!

Making people feel appreciated and supported will encourage them to continue going above-and-beyond, and will inspire them to do even more in the future. Lack of recognition can lead to negative leadership in the future my making people feel unappreciated and unsupported. Recognition will help the quality of leadership grow with no boundaries. In addition, writing an OTM is not very time consuming and has tons of benefits!

To start writing an OTM, you must first choose your candidate, whether it be a person or program. Think about the past month and think about what went extraordinarily well or who went above and beyond. If you need help brainstorming, ASK OTHERS!

Funding Requests:

In order to recognize by giving gifts or creating adorable crafts to give the deserving individuals on campus, people often need money to complete such tasks. NRHH offers individuals on campus the chance to request funds from our chapter in order to recognize deserving individuals on campus.

Individuals requesting funds from the chapter need to get in contact with the Treasurer AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE to set up a date to attend a chapter meeting and present their proposal to the whole chapter.

Individuals requesting funds will also need to fill out the ‘NRHH Funding Request’ before attending the meeting.

Any questions regarding funding requests can be directed to the chapter Treasurer.

NRHH Funding Request Form