Chapter Information

NRHH Constitution [PDF]

Meeting times for the University of Wisconsin – Stout Helmuth “Pookie” Albrecht Chapter are Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. Location may vary so feel free to contact an executive board member via our NRHH email account at

The National Residence Hall Honorary is committed to strengthening their four pillars as a way to better the chapter, the residence halls at Stout, and the campus community at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The four pillars include:

  • Academics
  • Community Service
  • Leadership
  • Recognition

The chapter is divided into four committees that are based on the four pillars and each committee is overseen by an executive member. Each member of the organization serves on a committee in which they are required to set goals, attend committee meetings, report committee progress to the general NRHH meetings, plan and coordinate programs/events/activities for said committee, and also delegate jobs/tasks for individuals not on the committee.

Each of the different committees have their own responsibilities. Below you will find each committee listed with a few of the things that they are responsible for:

  • Academic Committee
    • Advisement Day Recess
    • Promote Scholarship
    • Organize Care Package Distribution
  • Community Service Committee
    • Plan and organize community service events
    • Plan and organize campus wide service events
  • Leadership Development Committee
    • OTM Training Organization (i.e. Staff, HEC, RHA)
    • Promote National Residence Hall Honorary
    • Organize Inductions
  • Recognition Committee
    • Winter HEC Banquet
    • A copy of any OTM that submitted will be given with some form of (i.e. card, pen, note, etc.) to the person/group that it is written about
    • A thank-you and some form of recognition (i.e. card, pen, note, etc.) needs to be given to the person who submitted the OTM

The University of Wisconsin – Stout Helmuth “Pookie” Albrecht Chapter National Residence Hall Honorary was awarded the NRHH Building Block of the Year for 2011- 2012 at WURHA 2012 and No Frills 2012.