Thank you for visiting us! Hopefully you will enjoy your journey through our chapter's page. We are comprised of the top one percent of leaders on campus. The chapter has carefully selected us for our dedication of leadership on campus.


The purpose of the organization shall be to provide recognition for those individuals who have been of outstanding service and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of the University Housing program and the Stout community

How our chapter got its name:

Helmuth "Pookie" Albrecht was the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for the Student Life Services Department of UW-Stout for 35 years. He embodied spirit and audacity of student leaders.

During his term with Residence Life, he motivated and inspired many student leaders to take a leadership role and expand their horizons. He wanted student leaders to go above and beyond the average leader at Stout. Severa Krueger, a former leader, recalls her interactions with Pookie, "As IRHA president in 1995-1996, Pookie got me involved with many campus committees. He wanted the students to have a say in the residence halls and I represented the residents. Not only has he guided my leadership career, but he helped with my academic career as well."

Even though most members did not know Pookie, they have heard stories of his kindness and generosity. Due to his perseverance, the UW-Stout NRHH Chapter officially recognized Pookie by dedicating the chapter in his name as the University of Wisconsin-Stout Helmuth "Pookie" Albrecht Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary on November 30, 2000.

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