The UW Stout Alumni Association proudly add their names to the list of pledge signers

Want to learn a little more about Stout students' history regarding accepting others and honoring differences. Review these articles and videos.

No Hate. No Bias. No Bullying. Not Here!
At UW-Stout, we believe in an inclusive community that is accepting of all students. Here is a video created by the 2010-2011 University Housing Student Staff demonstrating our commitment to inclusive excellence. We will not tolerate hateful comments, bias actions, or any kind of bullying. Not Here! Not at Stout!

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1,000 UW-Stout Students Drive Protesters Off Campus, who were there to picket the death of three UW Stout Students in a house fire.

Stout Students showed their voice and proved that that kind of insensitive behavior is not welcome at Stout!

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Nancy Blum-Cumming's 2-D Design class created a series of drawing that act as a whole to raise awareness of bullying.

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The Alumni Association proudly adds their names to the list of Pledge Signers

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