Stop@Buzzed is a moderation concept borrowed from St. Benedict's/St. John's University in central Minnesota. This three poster campaign targets the student population who identify as "drinkers" or "future drinkers," but have not had a risky drinking intervention in housing conduct or civil processes. These students are encouraged to enjoy a drink or two, but to stop before bad situations occur. This concept is supported by blood alcohol level biphasic effect as explained here.

This series was presented in conjunction with the scaled back three poster/bathroom reader Flash Your Smart Card Series. Playing cards were also printed and distributed with a birthday card to students who turned 21 while living on campus.

Some students experienced dissonance with this message which resulted in creating the three legged stool description as a tool to describe on-campus alcohol interventions. The three legged stool concept was coined by Dr. Jason Laker, San Jose State University, during a webinar addressing high risk drinking behaviors on college campuses.

About the Artist

Colin Schye is a 5th year Multimedia Design major with a minor in Applied Photo. He is an excellent photographer and a wiz at Adobe Photoshop. He created the Stop@Buzzed campaign the Summer of 2010.