Flash Your Smart Card

Flash Your Smart Card updated the statistics and flushed out additional statistics to create a 12 poster series in Fall 2009. The campaign reinforced information presented during the newly created Smart+Healthy Orientation clicker presentations.

Bathroom readers were added for distribution in the residence halls. The readers provide an opportunity for additional information to be addressed that supports the Smart+Healthy statistic addressed.

Resident Advisors and Orientation Leaders (Blue Devil Ambassadors) viewed the Smart+Healthy clicker presentation as part of their training and were encouraged to have informal conversations with their students for both years this series was used.

Three posters and bathroom readers of the series were updated and used during the 2010-11 academic year to focus attention to their topics of sex, moderation and responsibility. This series was presented in conjunction with Stop@Buzzed.

About the Artist

Matt Kuglitsch designed the Flash Your Smart Card series when he was working at Housing Design as a Graphic Designer. Matt graduated in the Spring of 2010 and set off to work for Space 150, a prominent design firm.