Percentage Posters 2011-2012

The Percentage Photo updated the statistics to create a 5 poster series in fall 2011. This poster series highlights some of the behavior changes reported from Smart+Healthy Report (Orientation session and follow-up survey.) The campaign continues to reinforce information presented during the Smart+Healthy Orientation clicker presentations. Bathroom readers were distributed in the residence halls throughout fall semester. The readers provide an opportunity for additional information to be addressed that supported the smart+healthy statistic addressed. Resident Advisors and Orientation leaders (Blue Devil Ambassadors) viewed the Smart+Healthy clicker presentation as part of their training. BDAs lead a peer discussion regarding alcohol use and campus social life. RAs were encouraged to have informal conversations with their students.

About the Artist

Calvin Keyes is a third year Multimedia Design student at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. His refreshing Smart+Healthy poster series redesign was done in the summer and fall of 2011.