Friends Don't Let Friends

Friends Don't Let Friends is a five poster bystander intervention series that identifies positive ways where friends can step up to assist others with defining their limits. Peer groups matter in one's social life, especially in college. Friends influence actions. The millennial generation shows great concern for their friend circle, sometimes even more concern for others than themselves. This series highlights this communal characteristic to encourage positive behaviors in friendship and while drinking. Bystanders intervening in a bad situation, or before a bad situation occurs, can dramatically change the end result. However, students don't necessarily know when, or how, to intervene. This series encourages friends to identify when they could do something to make a difference.

About the Artist

Jesse Lindhorst is a 5th year Graphic Design major at UW-Stout. He designed this poster series in the Summer of 2011. He is best known for his impressive illustrative skills and drawing prowess. He is very intrested in type and, in fact, hand made all of the type that was used in the Friends Don't Let Friends series.