The 21+ media campaign was spearheaded through a Chancellor's Coalition Summer Workgroup. The campaign aims to reduce risk and increase smart and healthy drinking behaviors in students of legal drinking age. This moderation campaign includes tip stickers and coasters, displays and newsletters that focus on living-off campus, socializing and professional preparations.

The campaign display will be set-up during laptop refresh, the off-campus housing fair and the career fair to provide the best access to the 21+ target audience. Tip stickers were distributed on take-out items such as coffee and sandwiches from University Dining Services campus outlets.

University Housing's Next Experience incorporated concepts of this media campaign into their initiatives for sophomores and juniors.

Additional information

About the Artist

Christine Pogatchnik is a 5th year Graphic Design major at UW-Stout. She is a type enthusiest and designed the 21+ campaign in the summer of 2011 while working for Housing Design.