Here I Stand....
Looking forward...

Honoring our past...
Students standing up for their friends.
Rallying against hate.
Acts of bias, bullying and hate are not welcome!
Not HERE! Not at Stout!

Here I stand for...
Integrity, fairness, creativity,responsibility, strength, community, disagreements.
Disagreements with civility.
Cooperation, Respect,

Will you stand with us?

I will write messages on wipe boards—not hate filled words.
I will stop using names and slurs like retard or gay as insults.
I will include others!! I will make sure everyone in my study group knows the time and location when we meet.
I will stop laughing at inappropriate jokes and say something to friends who tell them.
I will take ACTION! I signed the pledge.

Committed to respect for all people.
Recognizing difference as an asset that contributes to our personal and collective growth.
Here, We can all stand together.