University of Wisconsin - Stout

Below you will find the response to the Planning and Review Committee’s recommendations completed by the program director, department chair, and the dean’s office.

Recommendations for the Program Director

  1. Work to improve and standardize course delivery options for online cohort.


    We will work toward that end but this is a problem across campus.  We are standardizing all of MSE required courses taught out of the School of Education to using Learn@UWStout and providing summer support for our faculty to prepare their courses for that delivery.

  2. Work to improve communication via email and use of the web to clarify (and avoid misunderstandings) on such issues as:
    1. Requirements and transcript review for certification students.
    2. Students’ responsibility for updating contact information.
    3. Scheduling of core and selective courses.


    We are adding a new section to the SOE web site this summer that will clarify the available certifications, enrollment status options for certification programs, and the transcript review process.  We will also provide frequent reminders to students regarding how UW-Stout contacts them and the importance of contact information.  The two-year sequence of MSE courses for the online cohort group is always maintained on the MSE web site.  Information on the schedule of on-campus courses will be added to the MSE web site.

  3. Work to keep needs of the online cohort integrated with those of on-campus students.


    The MSE and MSE DE program director work closely together to identify areas of common need and we work hard to provide common communication to on-campus and online students regarding common needs, e.g. filing for degree candidacy, registration time frame, etc.  Additionally there are needs unique to the two groups, e.g. available selectives that require separate communications.

  4. Seek and respond to student feedback regarding the implementation of the new program revision and quality of curriculum, possibly through use of surveys.


    Annual surveys of graduates will be conducted.  Students complete course evaluations in all online courses.

  5. Work to maintain enrollments sufficient to supply program needs.


    Both program directors review and update the web site.  Stout Outreach and Continuing Education is working with the program directors to develop a new brochure.  The online program is marketed to all students who take any EDUC online course.  The MSE program director provides program information to all students graduating from the undergraduate SOE programs.

  6. Investigate possibilities for developing a re-licensure plan.


    Credits are no longer required for re-licensure by Wisconsin teachers graduating after August 2004.  Instead, they must develop a Professional Development Plan to move from initial educator status to a regular license.  The format for the MSE professional development goals and the portfolio of evidence of program/goal attainment are very compatible with the WI PDP format and requirements.  Therefore we are very optimistic that new teachers will seek out the MSE to fulfill their PDP requirements while obtaining their master’s degree.

  7. Align program with PI-34 requirements.


    See response to recommendation 6.

Recommendations for Coordinating Chair of the School of Education

  1. Work with program director to assure that course offerings, both on-campus and online, are aligned and staffed by faculty and staff able to uphold the standards and mission of the program.


    Alan Block and I work closely together to plan the offerings and staffing.  With very few exceptions regular SOE faculty/staff now teach all of the required courses.

  2. Work to identify and support faculty who can provide guidance and expertise for the research, grant proposal, and program revision specialization options.


    The chair will conduct a training session for faculty interested in being research advisors for the grant and program evaluation research options this coming fall.  The research specifications and evaluation rubrics for those two options will be included in the training.  I have worked individually with advisors up to this point.

Recommendations for the Dean of the School of Education

  1. Work closely with university technology support to assure improved course delivery resources for online degree students.


    The program director Alan Block, Stout Solutions, and I will continue to work very closely with technology services on campus to assure excellent resources for online degree students.  The School of Education also has an online coordinator who is very knowledgeable and skilled in offering excellent online course delivery.  She constantly manages the quality of delivery and needs of online students.

  2. Maintain communication with program director and other stakeholders to assure continuing implementation of 2004 program revision.


    I am in ongoing communication with the program director, the School of Education chair, and Stout Solutions to monitor the online M.S. in Education program.  The program appears to be meeting a need of practicing educators.