University of Wisconsin - Stout

Response from the Program Director and Department Chair, Carolyn Barnhart

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to respond to the recommendations from the Planning and Review Committee’s consultant’s report. The consultants, Nancy Schofield and Charlie Baird, were very helpful with the program review process.

Recommendation #1

The consultants recommended that we continue to pursue approval from the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT). During July 2003, the program director, Carolyn Barnhart, observed the student chapter competition at IFT and inquired as to how UW-Stout could start a chapter. UW-River Falls and UW-Madison faculty have agreed to assist with the development of a student chapter and have invited UW-Stout to participate in their events. The UW-Stout IFT student chapter will be formed this year and will file for activation with IFT by fall 2005.

The program director will be attending the Food Science Administrators Council Meeting in Washington, D.C. in November to gain information on the IFT approval process for the program.

Recommendation #2

A variety of outreach and recruitment efforts have been initiated by the program director. The program director along with two alumni, a graduate assistant and a Food and Nutrition staff member planned and delivered the first Wisconsin Science Olympiad Competition in Food Science on April 3, 2004 at UW-Madison. The effort was well received and will be included in the 2005 competition and is being considered for the national level competition. In addition the program director has given presentations at numerous meetings and conferences to promote the program to various audiences.

    1. A presentation to the Cray Academy targeted K-12 science teachers (July 2004).
    2. A presentation was given to the Wisconsin Family and Consumer Science Educators (WFCSE) in Stevens Point (August 2004).
    3. A presentation was to the Family and Consumer Educators at UW-Stout (September 2004).
    4. Recruited at the Minnesota Career Fair (October 2004).
    5. A recruitment CD for the program is being developed.

Recommendation #3

With the hire of two new faculty members this fall, advisees were distributed among the foods faculty in the department.

Response from the Dean, John Wesolek

  1. The two faculty positions in Food Science were filled this fall with the hiring of Dr. Adam Aboubacar and Dr. Cynthia Rohrer. These two individuals are excellent additions to the faculty and will strengthen the department’s expertise in the Food Science area.
  2. The full-time Laboratory Technician is recognized for her contributions in supporting student learning by providing training for staff and students, maintenance of laboratory and processing equipment and recommending new equipment purchases. In addition the Laboratory Technician coordinates the ordering and consumable supplies required for the foods labs. This position continues to have our support and is reassessed biannually for continuation based upon programmatic need and budgetary considerations.
  3. Last fall the three lab modernization proposals received from the Food and Nutrition Department were forwarded and supported as the top three initiatives in ranking from the Dean’s Office. As the lab mod proposals were evaluated by the University Space committee, only one of the three projects received funding. The Dean’s Office will work with the department to strengthen the other two proposals for resubmission fill fall. As a result members from the CTEM Packaging area and CHD Food Science have met and will be putting forward a joint proposal for Food Packaging.