What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Communication Design have to do with superfoods like Matcha and Kombucha?

Designers next significant challenges are how we can facilitate purposeful partnerships with our stakeholders. We believe that with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, we are not only improving the human experience, but we are improving the most essential human necessity, the ability to empathize.

Our intent for this year’s senior show is to express how superfoods, innovation and robotics may be used to elevate the quality of the human experience.

Libby Andrego

Michaela Beck

Joshua Bokor

Maggie Budd

Maggie Christiansen

Riley DeClark

Taryn Derfus

Cole Deuman

Miranda Drewitz

Emily Eibs

Susan Evans

Samuel Giesregen

Kimberly Jablonski

Ashley Ketcham

Melinda Knepprath

Nicole Lindsoe

Hleeda Lor

Megan Luedke

Audra Norton

Jacquelyn Royds

Jackson Rudquist

Laura Shires

Ellen St George

Jacqueline Stensrud

Lindsey Tutewohl

Haley Uetz

Nicole Wallerick

Emily Wettergren

Madeleine Wichert

Kelsey Willaby

Makenna Wynveen