Graphic design today is more than perfectly kerned Helvetica. Although we as designers still appreciate the difference between an em dash and an en dash, and it is our job and passion to care, design has developed into something more. A graphic designer must be well versed; we must be typographers, web designers, and entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word. It is our job to connect. Connect the brand and the person. Establish an emotive connection where people feel for their design and are moved to act on those feelings.

Kate Mikutowski

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Moxe is a community of female athletes. Through support, motivation, education and empowerment, we are here for you. Moxe provides the tools to feed your fire today. Our mission is to feed the fire of inner determination, confidence, boldness and smarts of female athletes everywhere. The flame from within is your most powerful strength.

Join our Moxe team. With our app, take us along with you wherever you go, keep track of your goals, get motivates for the day and find inspiration for your next challenge. Moxe is not just a word, it's a lifestyle, an attitude. We know you love what you do, so why not show off what you've got on the inside? Let your fire roar.

Ashley Hohnstein

I'm a graphic designer who communicates through bold colors, strong typography, and compelling concepts. By combining these things I create beautiful and meaningful work. I'm definitely not a stranger to late nights, and I'm always willing to put in the extra time to complete everything to the best it can be. On the weekends, I enjoy spending time at local antique stores looking for type ephemera, and catching up on my Hulu and Netflix queues. Email Twitter


Fido is a service that assists families with finding the perfect dog to adopt! We take the exhausting task of multiple applications and finding the right dog, and simplify it! Forget looks, and let's focus on compatibility. After filling out our thorough application, we spend 24 hours finding your new canine companion.

After both a statistical and a personality evaluation by our trained staff, you'll be matched with 10 dogs in your region looking for homes. After you make your choice, we send you home with all the treats and tips you need on starting out your new life with your new best friend. In the end, our promise always rings true: happy dogs, happy homes.

Dan Gerlach


Go Press Go is non-profit mobile printmaking studio; we collaborate with universities, this allows students to coordinate/work events.

Students choose which local charity they are supporting. The products we produce are 100% handmade. Alongside our woodcuts students submit their work to sell.

Theresa Ptak

I love family heritage, hearty laughs, and the "good'ol" of everything. I am inspired in finding the simple, honest, and raw beauty of ideas, and I strive to use what I know of design to share and visualize these discoveries with others. Coffee is my bug juice and Caslon Italic makes me swoon. I f you'd like to know more check out my work or email me, I'd love to hear from you! Email Twitter


Tagmark is a grass roots alliance between small towns and local artists to promote craftsmanship. With the continuous expansion of larger corporations, there is a lack of investment into quality, handcrafted goods. Heritage, passion, and incredible talent are tucked away in hundreds of small communities around the world, and so Tagmark desires to seek out these communities, rekindling the desire to buy local, and buy well. It will provide the connection between creator and consumer by putting the artist back on the map, and through an online presence of community support tracking.

With the purchase of each handcrafted item, buyers can share and track their purchase online through photo sharing. The online market will help small businesses track consumer trends, help the artist promote their work, and create a measurement of community support for the buyer. Tagmark encourages the craftsmen to better establish him/herself in an ever-changing technology driven world. It is the new trademark or badge for artists to be recognized. Love the craft, tag the talent.

Kelsey McDermott

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What: Nanobotanicals is dedicated to changing the percentage of people that wear sunscreen on a daily basis by providing unmatchable protection from the sun through innovation, emerging technology, and pure plant ingredients. Why: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually. Most people rack up 14 hours of casual UV exposure per week; however, only 31% of people wear sunscreen on a daily basis.

How: Lathering up with Nanobotanicals body wash causes encapsulated sunscreen to become naturally attracted to your skin through an electrostatic charge. These sunscreen capsules contain active UVA and UVB blocking nanoparticles. This direct barrier is not absorbed into your skin, making it safer than all other sunscreens. There is no excuse for not wearing sun protection when it is as simple as using Nanobotanicals body wash!

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Your Own Backyard aims to make connecting with the outdoors easy. We have created a rating system to locate public Natural Areas in Wisconsin that fit you. Read other visitor experiences to know before you go. Bring your device and use it in the field with our app for smart phones and tablets.

You can share your experiences by keeping a digital field journal with the app. Think of it like a mix between a blog, scientific notes, and a visitor review. Stay involved and connect with others in Wisconsin to protect our vital Natural Areas. Fall in love with your own backyard.

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WHITESPACE is a tool for designers to keep their skills sharp. In the design profession, many designers work in specific fields for long periods of time. This leads to boredom and a lack of motivation to update their skills and knowledge in the area. At WHITESPACE designers are challenged everyday to create a solution to the given problem.

The challenges are open-ended; giving every designer the option of choosing any style of design that they think would be the best for solving the problem. Graphic designers are able to learn new skills of industrial designers, while interior designers are given the freedom to try film and video. The end result being more well rounded designers that are able to tackle real challenges with an open mind to more options.

Toni Nelson


My5 Cleaning Sprays creates a simple, economical & beautiful way to clean. It's time to rethink how we use cleaning products. A bottle lasts thousands of years in landfills and recycling consumes lots of energy, so why wouldn't we try to use bottles as long as possible? By creating a way for people to use less packaging, we hope to create a sensible way to clean.

My5 Cleaning Sprays is a line of 5 simple cleaning spray bottles that are refillable. They're filled and refilled with inexpensive, common ingredients such as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and vinegar, all easily found and inexpensive. By labeling bottles with recipes and directions, we hope to make daily cleaning simple and healthy. Our bottles mix your ingredients and together the process is beautiful.

Stephen Thoni

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Many people start their day with a cup of coffee; it is our hope to bring more to coffee than just caffeine. Pourward is a movement to inspire connections and acts of kindness through coffee and our Pourward reusable sleeves. People who get one of our sleeves are give a cup of coffee to a stranger, along with the sleeve.

Each sleeve is individually numbered, so when you receive one, you can track your sleeve and the story about how you received it on our website. Share your experience with us and pour the kindness forward.

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Native Focus is a unique travel guide that helps the world explorer find new, off-the-beaten path travel destinations. We curate a selection of food, sites, shops and events that are unique to specific locales and provide a more in-depth view of local cultures.

Native Focus members are able to view focus points, create custom maps, and add their own points to receive rewards. By creating a community of like-minded explorers, we seek to make travel a richer and more informed experience.

Aaron Johnson

I am an aspiring Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a passion for print. I find joy in the process, whether it is drawing, printmaking or designing. It's those "Happy Accidents" that can sometimes complete a piece. I always strive to learn, challenging not only myself, but also my concept and aesthetics of Art and Design.

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Most everyone can agree to have had an interaction with crows, but rarely do they fully understand these birds as a species. The CrowKit is a system that aims to create a symbiotic relationship between humans and birds by training indigenous crows autonomously. Alliances like this are crucial in our ever-changing world, and new technologies are providing the gateway.

Growing human and crow populations will be forced to cohabitate in spreading urban areas, with a need to utilize every available resource and inch of space. Taking advantage of emerging technologies such as the CrowKit allows humans to both educate and study from crows, thus providing amazing resources to the local community. By creating mutually beneficial relationships, and interactions without extermination, we can find an equilibrium with crows that is an equal balance.

Liana Harding


The Quivx Band is no ordinary bracelet, it is a new way of communication. We see smart phones, ipads, and other devices being used to exchange information, but none of these gives users an actual physical response. We at Quivx have created a bracelet with a powerful button. Once this button is pressed, it will send a vibration of the users heartbeat to the responding bracelet.

This notification can be saying a number of things like, "I'm thinking of you," or "I miss you," and "I'm doing okay." Now of days, it is hard to keep in touch with our loved ones. We all lead such busy lives where even a simple text of phone conversation can't work its way into our schedules. The Quivx band fills that void of absence, and gives people a chance to connect in a matter of seconds, from virtually anywhere.

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Team Hoyt is a running organization started by Rick and Dick Hoyt. Rick was born a quadriplegic; his father Dick started pushing Rick through races in 1977 and continue to this day. This father son team has served as inspiration for runners and athletes of special needs all over the United States.

This organization serves as a place for people to get together and train as a pair, giving everyone the chance to compete and raise awareness for races of every kind. The Team Hoyt website and application will be there to serve as an informational resource for race information and the underlining story of how this organization got up and running.

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Rehab Handbags put the sex in Re[sex]cycling. Every Rehab handbag is made using thrifted or vintage materials. Rehab eliminates the use of new leather and fur, and therefore, reduces the pollution created by the leather tanning process. Thousands of animals are saved each year by Rehab handbags.

Through the use of vintage and thrifted clothing pieces, Rehab gives new life to outdated and forgotten fashion. With simple shapes and expensive finishes, Rehab handbags are perfect for the modern and cutting edge fashionista.

Sarah Gutknecht


The use of Chemotherapy is a highly effective treatment, but unfortunately comes with many side effects. Cura is a cap made of a smart textile which patients wear to help ease the side effects. The friction created when worn

releases a fragrance of essential oils which help curb side effects and direct the patient towards a safe and naturalistic recovery, without all the chemicals and pills.

Justin Smith

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The problem Dencity sets out to solve is crowd congestion in business. So what would be the best way to improve communication and coordination between large groups of people? What could businesses offer to their patrons to ensure a positive brand experience? Yes, some days the store is just packed, but what if we could get a heads up so we can use our time more effectively and come back to an experience that is less stressful?

The solution lies in bringing together technology already in existence. Those technologies include Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, GPS in smartphones and infrared beam counters. This idea is to create an interface that enables users to search, navigate, communicate and display social media by location as well as offer localized tracking and forecasting of crowd congestion. Dencity is a two-dollar a month subscription service delivered via mobile app.

Justin Kasprzak

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Recycling is only a semi-perfect solution. The majority of plastic food packaging is not able to be recycled due to contamination. Therefore the waste ends up in landfills or polluting the world we live in. Our mission at pome is to reduce the amount of food packaging waste in this time of environmental crisis.

Pome has created a socially responsible product that changes the way we enjoy meals to better the earth. We created edible packaging based on nature's design. Pome uses food to package food just as an apple or an orange does. Pomes have the ability to hold solid food as well as sauces and beverages allowing for different combinations of Pomes to make up endless meal options or your favorite cocktail.

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Haven Expedition has one goal; preserve the National Park Service. Our annual Expedition protects America's best idea, so future generations have the opportunity to create memories. Three various Adventures take place at each Park on our cross-nation tour, exposing regular and new visitors alike to all the parks have to offer.

Haven Expedition is dedicated to making memories by preserving possibility, one Expedition at a time

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Mission Lemonade is the online competition tailored for extreme sports athletes. Partnered with your local skate shop, we create a controlled format that gives every competitor a chance to earn an honorary sponsorship at the shop for a year.

Each new day brings new spots and stunts intended to force the competitor to refine old tricks, learn new tricks, and combine them into one balanced video profile at the end of the comp.

Every rider walks away with a video section and an expanded trick vocabulary, but only the winner gets the exposure he or she deserves.

Tami Severinsen

Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, I traveled over to the Western part of the state to pursue a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. In that time, I've transformed into a night owl, used coffee as fuel, and survived harsh critiques of my work - all of which have contributed to my growth as a designer. My aesthetic is very typographic, bold and full of character. When I'm not by my computer, I'm usually adventuring in an antique shop somewhere, or playing with kittens at the humane society.

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Forkast is a service based restaurant offered in local communities to help prevent food waste in restaurants and in the home. Research has shown a direct link between the weather outside and what we crave when we're hungry. Using this approach, we are able to create menus based entirely off of certain weather conditions. By doing so, restaurants avoid overbuying and preparing extra food that goes to waste. Forkast serves up only the coziest of comfort foods on the days when we know you're craving it most.

We're also here to give you the opportunity to bring sustainability into your own kitchen by offering tips on smarter grocery shopping, advice on how to preserve food longer, as well as plenty of recipes to help maintain a kitchen free of food waste. We aim to serve our community great food and to work together as a team to provide more food for our future.

Sean Hill

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Fathom, is a company that produces 3D sensing technology. Our mission is to create and broaden this technology to modern applications and applied systems.The three pillars of Fathom are: Interact, Discover, and Experience. Each of these pillars creates the foundation of Fathom, representing our values. We generate interaction by providing the tools necessary to start developing 3D sensing technology. When developers interact with Fathom, they become the architects of interaction.

We crave discovery when developing technology. New concepts drive our architects to build something amazing. We value experience through application. When our architects develop a new experience, the impact it creates is evident and thoughtful. We are developing a new dimension when interacting with technology. Comprehension and application of our three pillars is what makes Fathom's foundation strong.

Mikala Dale

Things I love: Conceptual art, design, ampersands, & beer. Email Instagram


Halftone house will not use "we" statements in an attempt to make you feel like you are obligated to our company. It is our understanding that you are an individual and you function without our existence and will continue to do so once our company has entered or exited your life.

Halftone house is not a product, it is not an app, it is an idea, with the sole purpose of provoking thought.

Trevor Knapp



TACTILE is an interactive design product that focuses on touchscreen tiles. This technology opens a market to people familiar with tablets as well as those wishing to experiment with touchscreens. The choices are boundless with TACTILE, and the beauty of our touchscreen system is the ability to transfer a piece of your image onto another tile by simply using your finger.

When an image is uploaded onto a select number of tiles, the tile system will cut the image into a grid, allowing anyone to re-arrange the image and create a distinctive design. With this in mind, you may add and subtract as many tiles as you desire, thus crafting a unique arrangement. Using our magnetic framing kit, you may place the tiles onto the wall in an easier fashion. Through these artistic means TACTILE becomes not only design, but also an art form.

Toni Hall

I love learning and experiencing new things. This love of exploring keeps my design fresh and new by always searching for a different perspective on the challenge at hand. Working with others to solve a problem that can help people is my favorite thing to do. When I am not designing things you will most likely find me outside running around, slacklining, rock-climbing, enjoying sports of any kind and me just being my odd self. While having all of these adventures I bust out my camera and capture all sorts of things that inspire me. Email Tumblr Twitter


At The Camera Co-op we help people explore and learn about the wonderful city of Minneapolis while learning more about themselves. The Co-op accomplishes this by helping people capture images as they explore different parts of the city and surrounding area. These images allow our members to express how they view the world and share those views with other people. As a Camera Co-op member you will be able to pick photography classes and day trips around the Minneapolis area that interest you.

You will then be invited to participate in our gallery shows and display photography from the day trips you participate in. As a member, you will also be able to use our camera recycling program that allows cameras to be given new life! Become a part of the Camera Co-op to meet new people, explore and challenge yourself by learning new photography skills and techniques.

Join the adventure today!

Meagan Wilson

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Happiness is a captivating emotion that can be sparked by an array of events, actions, and words. For some individuals, a happy mood or sensation is difficult to ignite due to overwhelming life experiences. Cancers, disorders, and tragic accidents can all wreak havoc and stress in ones life. The goal with my company, Meld, is to alleviate stress and allow people to neglect all their worries for a day by participating in an event celebrating theirs, or an individual's or a family's specific journey.

Meld organizes a weekly event honoring a different person, which correlates with a particular cancer, disorder, or tribulation. At such events, Meld's main goals are to generate proceeds, spread awareness and most of all, create happiness. More services, as well as inspiration is presented at for all to recognize, admire and explore the true benefits of working with Meld.

Katie Thoma

Katie has been passionate about the arts ever since she can remember. She has done numerous theater productions, musicals, and has always been active in her art classes and band. She is known to play the piano and marimba as a stress reliever. What makes Katie unique is that she brings aspects of the fine arts into her design work, blurring that line dividing the fields of art and design. In her free time, Katie likes to read, draw, listen to music, and play with her dog on the family farm.

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There are a lot of things that children are expected to learn to get ahead in life: critical thinking skills, verbal skills, and social development. One of the best and most fun ways for children to improve upon these skills is through music education. In fact, statistics say that 95% of Americans believe music is key to a well-rounded education. However, one of the major issues in the American schooling system right now is finding the funding needed to continue music education.

Luckily, MUS-ED was created to remedy this issue. MUS-ED accepts children of all ages with different levels of musical knowledge and interest to create a unique learning environment. Let MUS-ED bring back the music with its one-of-a-kind summer program, where your community can request MUS-ED to personally come and teach your children how to express themselves through music and make life-long friendships in the process.

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We all have life goals, but to take them on alone is daunting. Rather than keeping individual goals about I, Tryumph makes these goals about the power of we. It's about taking advantage of our best natural resource - each other. Tryumph is a social media site designed with one purpose, to create a platform for individuals to elevate themselves.

Achievers are connected with believers and supporters who want to help them make it happen. Social media is a vehicle for connectivity and accessibility. When this vehicle is harnessed and utilized for the better of all, goals that are bigger than one person becaome a reality through the power of we.

Emily Larson

I consider myself an enthusiastic and innovative problem solver who strives for smart, effective design solutions. I have a weakness for bold color, clean compositions and hand drawn graphics. When I'm not on my Mac I am outdoors with friends or on the couch catching up on various television series.

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Gardening isn't hard to do, but not everyone was born with a green thumb. In fact, 70% of hobby gardeners say they cannot keep a plant alive. It is hard to take care of something that doesn't tell you what it needs. But what if it could? That is where Flourish comes in. Everyone knows that a plant needs sun, water and nutrients to survive, but how much exactly? To add to the challenge, each plant thrives in different climate conditions.

Flourish's Electronic Plant Pickets take this guesswork out of the home gardening process. Simply identify the plant in the picket program, and Flourish tells you exactly what it needs, how much it needs and when it needs it. In addition, Flourish connects through a variety of online services that provide personalized care and professional expertise making your growing experience successful, educational and fun to ensure that your garden flourishes.

Courtney Kanewischer

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Millions of children and adults in Africa suffer from malnutrition, hunger and starvation. Many are also unable to get clean water to drink, let alone extra water to grow plants. For every order of seeds placed with Heirloom, a duplicate one will be donated and sent to Africa to help those in need.

These plants are heirloom varieties able to grow and thrive in the climates of Africa, including areas suffering from drought. Heirloom aims to help communities in Africa sustain themselves by providing useful plants, while at the same time bringing biodiversity back to nature in our own communities.

Amanda Bedard

Growing up I have always been amused by even the simplest form of design. I always loved to draw and color on everything and anything I could get my hands on, this followed me through my whole entire life. It is also how I ended up as a Graphic Design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I enjoy taking form and creating them into a design, something for people to appreciate.

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Who is Celia you might ask? Celia is here to be a leader in services and solutions to those with Celiac Disease. We strive to be the most customer-oriented company and guide you through the process of establishing a gluten-free lifestyle. Our goal is to be here to answer any and all of the questions you may have when it comes to figuring out how to become gluten-free. Celiac Disease is caused by the genetic makeup, but is triggered by environmental and immunologic factors. This is also a thing that you cannot grow out of; the only true treatment is to convert into a gluten-free diet.

That is where Celia comes into play. Our website consists of all of the materials you need to accomplish this at the tip of your finger. You are able to learn all of the tips and tricks to a gluten-free diet, communicate with the community, try new recipes along with adding your personal favorites, and lastly you are able to create a new healthy lifestyle. Come and venture around our mobile and online services where you will have all of those important questions answered. We are here to make you feel like you are a part of something, you are not alone!

RT Vrieze

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Powwow Music is a social network that is targeted towards individual musicians specifically. Oh yeah, and groupies. The purpose of Powwow is to bring musicians and music lovers together both locally and globally through its social network platform, which includes an app and website. In many ways Powwow is similar to a lot of other social networks, in which it allows you to share audio, video, leave comments, and message friends. But it is different in one big way. With Powwow's app it allows you to create a Powwow, a jam session, on the fly no matter where you are. All you have to do is set a time and location, send it out, and wait for your Powwow community to show up with their instruments.

And let the music making begin. The app also allows you to check into a Powwow, record a Powwow, search a Powwow, and send private Powwows right from your mobile device. But what's really exciting about the Powwow app is that it's creating a local music community in real life and virtually. Through Powwow and the Powwow Map you will be able to look at music activity and recording stats of individuals and better yet, cities. Putting the great debate of which city has the best music scene to rest.

Play Locally, Share Globally

Brianna Becher


Having food allergies can be difficult, and reading labels is annoying. Simply Alert is making allergies effortless. With Simply Alert you know what you can eat right away with your specific food allergy. Download our app, make an account, and scan the items you wish to purchase.

Simply Alert will let you know if you can have the foods that you are craving. Simply alert strives to help people with food allergies and also bring them together.

Nate Illgen

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Since the birth of social networking, and video sharing websites, our lives are exposed, and shared with the world. Everyone has a voice, and should share it through media. CityVidy was created to expand social interaction, and provide cohesion among people. It utilizes current technology, and applies it to how people interact with each other globally. The process begins with people capturing a moment of their life, wherever they might be. Anyone around the world can add to that moment by overlaying their vidy where the others left off.

By doing this, it creates a connection among people, and a greater sense of interaction. More importantly it creates a dynamic, creative, and expressive video made by people around the world. Our mission is to create connections through crowd-sourced videos. Providing people with a simple tool, that allows them to capture their life, and combine it with others.

Capture | Combine | Connect | Create

Laura Larsen


The structure, quality, cadence and form of words shape our everyday lives in tangible and intangible ways. At their base, they inform our world. 'Dis,kors is about celebrating the sacred role words hold in our universe. It's platform for connection, celebration and discovery.

'Dis,kors digital tools - handheld applications and website - allow users to connection with each other and discover new knowledge. Additionally, its physical tools - journals, treasured books and the words of others - allow users to celebrate the power of words. It's meaning right from the start.

Skye Adams

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Ecogardens is an ecofriendly garden company. Originally an Anti-Lawn movement, it evolved into a product company which allows home owners to replace all or part of their lawn with a sustainable garden. We create specialized "Kits" of various flowers, shrubs and edible plants based on the customer's Region

in the United States. The contains within each kit are selected for their hardiness and their ability to be sustained with natural watering and maintanence. Not only do they provide the consumer with a beautifully color and productive garden, but they help maintain a healthy planet by reducing the vastness of American lawns.