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Fawn Beckman

Our goal is to make the lives of those suffering from O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder) more simplified. Our watch is designed with it’s own individual apps to help manage everyday tasks. There are many severities of O.C.D. that coincides with other mental illnesses and Vital reaches out to each illness individually to make their lives more manageable. Simple things such as going to the grocery store can cause anxiety for someone suffering from O.C.D. and with Vital’s watch you simply touch the grocery store app for the specified store, type in your grocery list and your app will tell you exactly where to go in the store to find it and how much it is.

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Emily Brownson

Designer's Portfolio Site

By combining forces with existing organizations that send bikes to those in need, such as Worldbike and Cycling Out of Poverty, HUB aims to lessen the transportation and energy crisis globally.

This is achieved through the fabrication of wheels that store the kinetic energy produced while braking and cycling. This stored energy is then used to ease the cycling experience by giving the user a boost through the switch of a toggle that clips onto the bike’s handle bar. In addition it creates clean energy as it charges two AA batteries, which can be removed from the hub to power other goods.

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Amy Ebben

Project site
Designer's Portfolio Site

Our goal is to improve the stigma of vegetables, while increasing the health of the nation. Our nutrient rich vegetables are perfect for those who find it hard to eat the recommended number of servings per day. Also, some of the best nutrients are found in the most disliked vegetables, such as broccoli. Vegete wants to make it easy on you. We have combined a variety of the most important nutrients and loaded them into the most loved vegetables. Instead of having to eat 5 servings a day you only have to eat one Vegete vegetable.

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Stat Geek

Ryan Foose

With ticket demand greater than supply, many sports fans find themselves disconnected due to awkward angles or by pure distance. Visuals in arenas and stadiums are, more often than not, limited to standard graphics with the most basic of game information. Stat Geek elevates the fan experience by creating a device that gives up to the second statistics through dynamic infographics. By using the latest technological breakthroughs, no seat is a bad seat and no fan will be without a Stat Geek.

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Lindsay Gergen

Designer's Portfolio Site

Sans aims to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, yeasts, and molds by creating an antibacterial shield. Prevent cross contamination on cutting boards, stop mold growth in bathrooms and kitchens, and protect any high traffic surfaces. Sans can be applied to any natural or synthetic surface, is permanent and can survive hand and machine washing.

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Three Sisters

Amanda Harder

Designer's Portfolio Site

The goal of Three Sisters is to change the psychology of marketing by designing food packaging that not only looks pleasing, but also skims back to the bare necessities that make packaging possible. Using cornhusks as the main source for packaging, Three Sisters utilizes resources that would otherwise be considered worthless. Three Sisters reinvents old ways of packaging food while reducing the damaging environmental impact of non-recycled plastic waste packaging.

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Hannah Christian Hess

Project Site
Designer's Portfolio Site

Mimix is a company that supplies hi-tech sportswear and accessories for athletes and the game alike. We do what other sporting brands can’t: inspire, define and challenge the world of athletics.

Through biomimicry Mimix has created new technologies based on the anatomy and structure of the dragonfly. Optimizing athletic performance and precision is easy as these technologies work seamlessly together. Athletes can now experience effortless and improved maneuverability, reduced probability of injuries, and more precise game and race outcomes.

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Graf Tec

Thomas John

Designer's Portfolio Site

GRAF TEC does our best by providing the highest research level in our products to give to you. Our research is in graphene, which comes from graphite. This hexagonal structure is 90% opaque and as 200 times stronger than steel. We apply graphene into spin-based computer hard drives and bodies. These computers can range from your laptop to your mp3 player making them lighter, faster, and more durable than ever before. Spin computers will not burn your laps or get hot, it stays relatively cool. You will rarely have to charge your battery and will not have to worry about not taking your charger.

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Gary Keeler

Designer's Portfolio Site

Transfer is about the mobile landscape. Instead of picking one mobile platform Transfer uses C# as a base to conquer all. We abstract the design concepts so that you can write one code but get native applications.

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Ink Link

Katie Kiesler

Project Site
Designer's Portfolio Site

Ink link is a medical tracking system that monitors and tracks a users vital statistics over an extended period of time through a temporary tattoo. The vitals that are tracked include heart rate, blood oxygen levels, amount of sleep, stress levels, muscle tension, and body temperature. Ink Link provides a high quality and dependable service to a wide population demographic in a very user-friendly manner. We want people to enjoy life instead of becoming tied down with their health conditions.

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Elizabeth Kruse

Designer's Portfolio Site

Aquaponics is a technology that allows for the growth and harvesting of organic food regardless of location. Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics to create a symbiotic relationship where fish produce fertilizer for growing plants while the plants remove toxicity in the water. Aeon specializes in designing tank accessories that combine the aesthetics of a fish tank with the growing capabilities of a garden to become a beautiful display in a home setting.

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Nora Langer

Designer's Portfolio Site

Antidote© was created in an effort to increase vaccination availability to every person around the globe. This transdermal vaccine is pain free, easy to use, and above all, self-administered. Its ability to be shipped, stored, and utilized by nearly anyone makes Antidote© an attractive solution in developing countries and in areas of need where vaccination availability is restricted by the shortage of healthcare workers.

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Mesa Luker

Designer's Portfolio Site

Where technology and convenience fuse.

ZION is product that eliminates the logistics of power sourcing.

A revolutionary charging unit, ZION utilizes accessible and renewable sources of water and Zinc to create a reactionary process that generates sustainable energy.

Drop-and-go technology makes charging your mobile devices effortless while also getting rid of cord clutter. Simply place your mobile devices onto the Zion unit to charge.

Designed to work well with cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, computers, tablets, and all other handheld devices.

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Terin Martin

Designer's Portfolio Site

Charge all of your favorite communication devices hassle free. Why have multiple chargers? Charge anywhere without being tied to an electrical outlet. Proxy is a wireless system that charges any device that contains a battery using a wifi router. Proxy is a simple, fast, and efficient way to keep all of your personal electronics charged.

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Ripe Technology

Alyssa Meyer

Designer's Portfolio Site

RIPE TECHNOLOGY is a super market mapping and measuring service application which powers many grocery-based services including: RIPETECH.com, RIPE Finder, RIPE Recipe, RIPE Brix Measuring System, as well as real time Shelf View.

Tired of sniffing, squeezing and knocking your fruit? Make the fruit buying experience more efficient. The RIPE Brix Measurement System, (RBMS) relieves you of any uncertainty. RBMS instantly informs the viewer exactly how ripe the fruit is on an easy to load application for your smart phone.

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Jamie Oaks

Designer's Portfolio Site

While there have been many different ways to heat your home, few have actually maintained an even balance between quality and price. Embr solves this by using an innovated technology with Carbon Nanotubes to recycle direct sunlight. By attaching to the current existing home air duct supply Ember installs easily. The homeowner can utilize the given touch screen that gives them ultimate control from any location. Embr will heighten many standards for future heating technology.

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Uda Hydration System

Tessa Schreiber

The Uda system is designed to help endurance athletes perform at their peak. Uda analyzes the relative temperature and humidity of the current environment along with height, weight, BMI, and body type to alert fluid loss during aerobic exercise.

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Casie Stelter

Designer's Portfolio Site

It looks like a typical house siding. It’s even durable like regular siding, but Piezo Sound Technology Siding provides dual functionality. They can withstand varying temperatures, wind, hail and inclement weather. In addition, they also provide clean, renewable energy to your home. Piezo siding uses piezoelectric crystal film that absorbs everyday sound, and then converts it into an electrical charge. This will offset your cost on other energy sources.

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Jacquelyn Tolksdorf

Adamao Quantum Computing is bringing the new computer chip into the market, the quantum computer chip. With the help of UV lasers and diamonds, quantum bits can be controlled in a computer chip and used with any computing device. What can a quantum computer do? They can solve multiple equations and have infinite memory power, enabling people to create accurate simulations, break codes, make perfect global positioning systems, design cures for diseases and play angry birds. The future of computing is finally here and Adamao is bringing it to you.

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Alisha Turczynski

Connecting you to your Community

The Fuse certification standard developed as a result of an industry initiative to connect people to their communities. This certified technology is a network-media that encompasses different types of network devices, including web-based services, smart phones and the use of QR Codes.

Products that incorporate Fuse certified technology can make a difference to the customers that use this product. Making use of a consistent set of terminology to identify a consistent graphical marker will represent the benefits of Fuse, which in turn will help accelerate customer awareness of this technology.

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Derma Silk

Pa Kou Xiong

Derma Silk is the replacement for bandages and will be the new way to bond skin for wounds, cuts, and burns. This product acts as skin, will heal directly onto the skin, and ultimately, it becomes a part of the body. Derma Silk is made with spun spider silk. which is known in the scientific world for it’s healing properties. New skin cells identical to the first two layers of the human skin, can grow back in as fast as 10 days, with the use of Derma Silk.

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Jamie Zerbe

Designer's Portfolio Site

Today there is a call for more and more solar powered products that suit a busy lifestyle. Recharge has made a portable solar powered generator that you can take anywhere when power is needed most. If your power ever went out, the Recharge generator could safely power your house until the power returned. The Recharge generator can help you in your everyday life with the ability to charge anything from your phone and computer, to your car battery. So charge up with your own Recharge generator and never be without power again.

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Sullivan inc.

KJ Ehr

Designer's Portfolio Site

sullivan: is a company that is able to mobilize in order to help their neighbors; across the street, across the country, and across the world - in emergencies.

sullivan is there to distribute and provide food to large and small victims of disasters.

sullivan is there to provide the ability for every household to be prepared for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and the world.


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