Assist. Educate. Design.

Jessica Donahoe

Goad - A fellowship for graphic designers that takes an active roll in advancing understanding of the value of design by placing emerging designers in rural communities to educate and assist in the design process of local businesses.


Because everyone loves a hero… and coffee.

Andrew Freeding

For over 75 years comic books have been telling stories about super-heroes and super-villains, about love and loss, right and wrong, and so much more. Sadly these days there are not as many comic book readers. PANELS is an attempt to rectify that. We are a comic book store first and foremost, but with the addition of a coffee shop we hope to draw in new faces and show them that there is a comic out there for everyone to enjoy.


The key to unlock your journey

Charon Gall

Digital formats are in the process of replacing many forms of physical media (think: MP3s in place of CDs, news sites in place of newspapers, and streaming full feature films in place of DVDs), and this trend has already been seen in video games with digital downloads. With digital content comes the fear of piracy, and this fear has caused limitations on ownership rights of games, which require special individualized codes to obtain key access. Odyssey provides streaming access to video games while avoiding the difficult resale of an under-played game in digital format.


Drink deeply.

Amanda Greene

Elixir is a breath of fresh air in a liquid form. With this new discovery, the ingredient of dissolved oxygen (perfluorocarbons) leaves physical air intake unnecessary. It can be used for medical or recreational purposes – for example, to assist a burn victim’s lungs or to use while scuba diving. The possibilities are endless.


Earthen Elixirs

Dena Hoewisch

Invoke provides herbal remedies for common ailments ranging from the common cold to insect bites. Unlike other products in the market, Invoke is designed to attract a broader audience than those who already use natural products and guides them along as they learn how to mix and use Invoke’s earthen elixirs. There’s no need to visit the doctor or suffer through the pain and irritation caused by minor ailments. Herbs and essential oils are simple, pure, easy to use, and best of all, they work!


A Creative Center

Derek Huber

APEX is a membership based artist’s collective designed to inspire collaboration, creativity and the completion of ideas. By utilizing shared resources and combined knowledge APEX fills the void often encountered by artists, designers and makers who need space, tools and a collaborative environment to complete their designs.

Five Ounce

Your desires. Health inspired.

Stacey Kanarski

Five Ounce makes a little glass of wine go a long way. Wine lovers rejoice knowing that a glass of wine seven days a week will enhance your health. Five Ounce offers a variety of wines to enjoy not only for their great taste, but for a longer, better life.

Sweet Salutary

Brittany Kluz

Sweet Salutary is tailored to satisfy the sweet tooth of individuals stricken with a diet-changing illness, or those who just choose to live a healthier lifestyle. This gourmet bakery prides itself on the quality and taste of each and every delectable treat, whether it’s on display or in the oven. Stop by Sweet Salutary, where we promise you’ll always leave with a smile!

Offbeat Press

Megan Koschak

Offbeat Press is a modern twist to an old process. We give an equal opportunity for anyone to publish a book without leaving the house because books are selected purely on audience vote. By printing a limited number, we are establishing books to become more personal and special to each individual. Offbeat Press supports unusual work and opens up ranges of opportunities offered to artists and aspiring authors. From cookbooks, comics, photography, sketchbooks, zines, to any other specialty book, you never know what will be published next.

Amado Candy

Indulge with naturally sweetened candy!

Jenna Lang

Amado is truly the first of its kind. All products are specially made with a new natural sweetener called Stevia. Stevia has no calories, no carbohydrates and most importantly, doesn’t effect glucose levels. This means Diabetics can indulge as much as they desire with no negative impact. Also, Stevia is 30 times sweeter than sugar, making Amado the sweetest candy you will ever taste.


See. Know. Shop.

Alyssa Riegelman

SEE informs consumers regarding a company’s social, ethical and environmental practices. This information empowers consumers to recognize and support companies that strive to be responsible contributors to the world community.


Environmental Designs

Cassandra Palokangas

BLUE environmental design is a landscape design company focused on integrating eco-friendly products into the design aesthetic. Mainly focusing on conserving rainwater and storm water runoff, BLUE uses sustainable solutions for your yard with a modern touch.


Outdoor Connections

Staci Paul

Carabiner encourages and inspires outdoor activity by providing students and community members with the necessary resources & equipment they need to connect to the great outdoors within their own community. Technology is utilized as an educational and community-building connecting tool that brings users closer to nature and enhances the outdoor experience, in turn building a sense of environmental stewardship.


Be the Alpha

Anna E. Reseburg

Alpha is a dog training organization that specializes in tough cases of aggression, dominance, and extreme fear. Training is implemented from a behavioral and psychological standpoint, rather than simple obedience training. Learning about how your dog thinks and why they behave the way they do leads to a lifelong relationship of mutual love and understanding between you and your pet.


Don’t be afraid to embellish a little.

Samantha Serum

Finally, a company that’s ready to answer to breast cancer and its harsh realities. No longer will women fear intimate lingerie and its dull colors or unattractiveness. Introducing Embellish, the first line of sexy post-mastectomy lingerie for women who have battled breast cancer, and aren’t afraid to embellish a little.

CORE Snowboards

Eco-friendly snowboards and gear

Christen Shepard

We’re more then just another snowboarding company. CORE brings sustainability to the snowboarding scene, through our boards, gear and partnerships with organizations like Protect Our Winters. Everything we create and how we create it is through ecologically responsible practices and materials. Because let’s face it, we can’t snowboard without any snow.


Redesigning the Basics

Matt Stauffer

For ages we’ve put up with the inefficient bits we got stuck with—the appendix, the belly button, the messy and disturbing process of producing infants—but not anymore! Seed is a company devoted to redesigning the most basic human functions. Now future generations can enjoy a simpler way of life—a life without the trappings and dangers dumped on us by nature.

Dr. Beezys

Cures the ills of life

Brittany Sweney

Dr. Beezy’s takes old traveling medicine show creations and targets to the here and now. His three patent remedies heal illness of the brain, blood, and body. If you’re feeling under the weather Dr. Beezy’s surely has a cure!

Project D

Alison Thoms

Project D is an advocacy that wants to emphasize the importance of vitamin D for humans and its role in the development, growth, and maintenance of a healthy body. How does a person increase their body’s vitamin D? The solution is as simple as going outside in the sunshine. Sunlight is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way for a human body to get its daily vitamin D.


Matchmaking for your appetite.

Sara Ziegler

Match is a restaurant designed to make going out to eat at a new place less frustrating and overwhelming. Faced with endless options on an unfamiliar menu, people tend to pick something familiar or “safe”. This restaurant gives each guest the opportunity to get matched to specific menu items based on personal preferences that will create a customized menu--making each visit to Match more enjoyable and well worth it.