Spring 2011 Multimedia Design Senior Show

Friday May 13 in the Applied Arts building
5PM - 7PM Open to students and professionals
7PM - 9PM Open to the public

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Brandon Berra

B TWO Media

A fresh new action sports brand, specializing in skateboarding and snowboarding, B TWO uses original hand drawn graphics to appeal to the action sports enthusiast. The brand will be showcased using different types of media including web, print, and motion graphics.

El Caballo

Alex Clark


I am developing a children's animated series along with a website that will serve as the viewing portal for each episode. In addition to hosting videos, the website will serve as a blog that will promote family friendly events and destinations throughout the Seattle area, in which the series is based.

The Bakemaster

Michelle Denomme

Simply Cheesecakes

I am building a website for a fictional company, Simply Cheesecakes. The website is a clean, simple design based on earth tones. It uses a database to generate content on the pages and allows customers to log in and place orders.

Flujo Storm

Sam Flood

Hilight Hub

Highlight Hub is a company built to help showcase and acknowledge a great accomplishment in sports. Whether it be a highlight reel, documentary, poster, computer wallpaper or custom design by request, we at Highlight Hub will work with you to design a piece that will inspire those who see it. Don’t let a great athletics career be forgotten by time; preserve your achievements with Highlight Hub.


Josh Geissler


This project’s purpose is to show how PED (Foot Operated Media Intergrated Mouse Pad) will revolutionize accessibility and navigation of interacting with everyday E-Media sources. The finished projects presentation will be displayed using 3D modeling software and split apart electronics, website navigation, settings and options menus, explanatory text, other various media sources demonstrateded using PED, and possibly even a copyright or patent.

Animal Amber

Amber Gilberg

Dunn County Humane Society Website Redesign

The main project will be to create a website for the Dunn County Humane Society (DCHS) that effectively meets the organization's needs with a visually pleasing design and easy navigation. The website must be easy to update and change to accommodate new arrivals, adoptions, pet of the week, etc. The project may include designs for other marketing materials if needed such as a powerpoint presentation, name tags, brochures, and signage.

The Astonishing Boxhead

Nick Gluesenkamp

The Silver Eye of Mari

This is concept for an animated series. It will focus around the pilot episode named “The Silver Eye of Mari.” Included will be a 2½ minute animated short, a full animatic for the pilot episode, a 25 page script, storyboards and concept art.

James Mean

Derek Hageness

Matchless Original Speed Seats

My senior project will be focusing on my graphic design and 3d modeling skills to create a custom product. My end product will be 3 custom designed chairs that are inspired and birthed from the beauty of cars from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Along with creating my product will create the branding and also hope to have a final physical model to have at the show for the audience to interact with.

Sgt Buttercup

Beau Hestekin

Whiskey Dicks Media

Please come check out my commercials that will encompass the services and products provided by a local tavern named “Whiskey Dicks”. The commercials will utilize humor along with a gritty down-to-earth realistic feel. The idea is to create a unique look that will be associated with the customer in an ad campaign. The final commercials will be viewed at the Senior Show and then turned over to the owner of Whiskey Dicks. The commercials will then be delivered on television and on the “Whiskey Dicks” website.

The Shark

Jared Johnson


I am creating a faux outdoor recreational equipment company for which I will be developing a brand identity. Exploring means to make my company’s image unique from it’s competitors, I will be applying a successfully designed logo to a functioning website, variety of business stationary, and eye catching give-away items.


Tou Lee

Snooze: The Game

“Snooze: The Game” is a fun interactive experience for people of all ages. Control Sas, the Sasquatch and be part of his adventure through the blue forest of Gon. Collect all the pieces of his missing dream, jump canyons, fight monsters, and get home safely for a well-deserved nap.

Queen Fitness

Lauren Moeger

Degree Fitness for Adults and Children with Disabilities

The first of its kind, Degree Fitness for Adults and Children with Disabilities is a new company and facility specifically designed for those living with behavioral, developmental, cognitive, and physical disabilities. The company's core values are wellness, experience, connection, comfort and play. My project entails designing a marketing strategy for the company and marketing materials needed to gain a customer base including a fully-functioning and editable website, brochure, business cards, and promotional video.

Hillbilly Hipster

Brock Molmen

Pedical Productions

Pedicle Productions has teamed up with recording artist, Aiming for Aurora, to promote their first full-length album. I will be working with them to produce a music video, as well as documenting their time in the studio. I'll also be doing a photo shoot and graphics pack, including posters, stickers, and buttons to compliment the videos.

The Mad Filmer

Luke Parmeter

MicroBlue Racing

MicroBlue Racing has hired me to rebrand their business with a unique, new website. The website will feature product and promotional videos filmed on location at MicroBlue headquarters in Rockford, Illinois. The client also requested a new logo design, which will illustrate MicroBlue's superior bearing technology.

Coal Money

Vince Reichenbach

The project product consists of three animated motion graphic concepts. The animated motion graphics that will create are based off an entertainment identity concept that distributes its information using forms of the Internet, television, and broadcast. The niche target market is directed to males and females who that in the age range of 15 to 30 years, lower to upper middle class income, and located in western society.

Shiver Me Booty

Jeff Scanlon

Sideways Home

“Sideways Home” involves a woman going on a journey. This journey will take her through her own home, a blizzard on a snowy mountaintop, and into the desert. She will have a single objective to complete while embarking across these various landscapes. Will she make it back home with what she set out to do?

The Dungeon Master

Sharon Stickney

Ludwig and the Quest for Color

A children’s book about a friendly giraffe named Ludwig is the basis for my project. He learns that helping others and seeking help has its own rewards and that it can help you make friends. Each page of the book is drawn, water colored in my own technique with pigment inks and Japanese brushes and screen printed using traditional serigraphy techniques. Come experience Ludwig and his friends in this colorful world.

Grizzly Bossa Nova

Tom Tardiff

Rumble in the Swamps

My project is a video game entitled Rumble in the Swamps. The game is about a tadpole named Toby who goes on a quest to rescue his father and save the swamp from a terrorizing gang of snapping turtles. It is a side-scrolling platformer done in a 3D environment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Yin Yabang

Evan Theurer

Word Press

Web technologies change fast and are often intimidating; Word Press takes that edge away through its easy to use Content Management System. Content Management Systems allow client websites to easily be updated by the client, giving them the potential to save lots of money. This semester I integrated this technology in my portfolio for smart clients that could imagine just how revolutionary this is.

Wild Wes

Branden Von Uhl

Apache Pass

Walter must come to grips with his past if he expects to survive in the Wild West during the height of the civil war. Learn of his eerie past, and choose Walter’s next move as he navigates the vast Southwest through the 1860’s. Here is a video game trailer for a sub-genre that combines Action and role-playing with actual historical events.

The Harmonizer

Katie Wolff

Wookiefoot’s St. Peter and the Serpent

Katie Wolff will be presenting a stop-motion music video for Wookiefoot’s St. Peter and the Serpent. This project consists of design and photography, displaying a harmonious composition of movement and existence, inspired by music. Wookiefoot is a jam/reggae/world band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are all about music, love, life, and people. Come listen and experience the magical creation.

Sourdough Boy

Tou Yia Xiong


“Vauj” (pronounced “vow”) is a 2D animation about a Hmong boy reminiscing about flying kites with his father. He remembers how their kites danced in the wind and soared through the clear blue sky, as well as the moment that changed the course of his future.

Harriett McFarlane

Harriett McFarlane

Designs by H

For my project, I am creating edgy and sexy pieces of jewelry and building an ad campaign around them. The ad campaign consists of a mock website, a photoshoot for posters and advertisements, and a commercial. Sex sells, so get ready to be sexified.