The Multimedia Design fall 2011 class invites you to the One Seven Six Productions Senior Show. Our show will be held December 16th from 7-9pm in APPA 117. Friends, family, and employers are encouraged to come take a look.

One Seven Six Productions

One Seven Six Productions, a creative transmedia studio producing top quality animation, digital cinema and interactive design work.

Our philosophy? Lead by example, have a passion for what you do, be tenacious in the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

These priorities topped the list for this semester’s group of graduating seniors in the BFA in Art: Multimedia Design concentration.

As faculty advisor for this group of graduating seniors, I’m proud of the successful and ambitious projects that the students have produced during their capstone course.

Kevin Pontuti

Assistant Professor
School of Art and Design
University of Wisconsin-Stout

Employers & Professionals Showing: 5-7 pm

Are you an employer or professional? Want to beat the crowd? We have set aside a time from 5-7pm on December 16th for you lovely folks to beat the rush. Come in early and check out our projects before everyone else. We will make sure to have refreshments, smiles, and will be ready to impress. See you there.


Website: Colin Schye, Jason Pfitzer, Micayla Sipe, Evan Bredendick

Poster: Jessica Sumption, Megan Larson

Photography: Jason Dahlke, Megan Larson, Colin Schye


A man lost in his dreams

A movie trailer for a feature film. A man lost in his dreams, drifting from his realities to his inner thoughts. Highlighting photo-realistic matte painting and compositing techniques, this trailer follows a man through his dreams of being a wilderness explorer.

Evan Bredendick -

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People have the ability to create entire worlds and ideas from their imagination, from the minutest detail to infinite expanses. My aim as a multimedia designer is to be able to share and convey these ideas to others.

The Visit

Animated short film

The Visit is a hybrid between classic animation and film. It's about a young man who pulls over on the side of an old road, and stumbles across a strange little creature who leads him on a short and frightening adventure through the woods.

Jason Pfitzer -

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My name is Jason Pfitzer, and I am a multimedia design student at UW-Stout. My interests are in film, graphic design and animation. I would very much like to someday have a job working with lighting sets for film, or working a camera myself.

The Fallen Heroes Memorial Gallery

A 3D digital memorial to fallen troops

My project is the conceptualization of a 3D digital memorial. It is comprised of marble busts of fallen American troops as well as a memorial wall inscribed with the names of all those lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It includes search and browse functions so users can view a specific memorial or look through all of them, and each bust is accompanied by a personal tribute.

Paul Howells -

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A lot of my work explores the relationship between emotion and thought. The very emotion that I try to generate through my work is often what influences its creation. I am captivated by the possibilities that 3D presents and aim to stimulate the same feelings in others.

The Closet Raid

Non-Profit Clothing Swap For Men & Women

The Closet Raid is a community based clothing swap to connect people by bringing them together, and giving back to those in need. This project uses graphic and web design to promote and inform.

Ivy Oberholtzer -

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Currently, most of my work is print advertisements. As a Graphic Artist I enjoy the process of client-based work, and the challenges that come along with different size ads. As an artist I am excited that my ads are connecting with people in the community, and in other communities within the state.


Being a basset isn’t easy…

“Augie!” is a series of animated shorts based around the mishaps of a teenage girl and her dog, who really isn’t much of a dog, but more like a stereotypical, obnoxious little brother. These shorts are supposed to be very fleeting like memories or small windows into the lives of the characters. Even though they are short they are self-contained stories.

Caitlin Bohac -

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As an animation graduate I want to produce animations like the ones that made my childhood so magical. The understanding and skill it takes to tell a story in a visual way is what I adore.

Door to Door

A clumsy boy scout attempts to assist a little old lady retrieve her cat from a tree.

My project Door to Door is an animated short about a clumsy boy scout named Milton. The young scout is selling popcorn throughout the neighborhood. At his next house he encounters a troubling situation when his customer’s cat gets loose. Through trial and error the characters struggle to the end to get the cat down from the tree.

Jessica Sumption -

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for design. The feeling of beginning a new project is unexplainable. Every challenge along the way excites me as I gain experience. My motivation within my work has developed though my keen attention to detail. My biggest inspiration and influence on my work has been family and their support.

Walby the Lonely Warthog

A Children’s Book

Walby the Lonely Warthog is a children’s book that takes place in the heart of the Serengeti Grasslands in Africa. In this book you will join Walby, a four-year old warthog, on an exciting day full of danger and frustration as he tries to fit in with the other animals. Come along with Walby as he embarks on his adventure!

Jenna Johnson -

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My name is Jenna Johnson, a Multimedia Design senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. My focus is in creating and designing artwork with the computer and by hand. My inspiration comes from people, places and colors that surround me and I use this to create artwork that has my own unique style.


A new breed of camper van...

Dafouris is an automotive company that aims at filling the camper van niche in the United States market. The van is not only stylish but also functional. The interior seats and sleeps four people and includes a small kitchen area. This project included developing an identity for the company, design of the vehicle, and creation of marketing materials.

Colin Schye -

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My work efficiently combines the usability and functionality of design with the beauty and marvel of art. I strive to create work that can be understood and enjoyed by a huge range of individuals. A wide range of skills and technologies are used to develop my ideas into reality including graphic design, web design, 3-D modeling, and photography.

Out Loud

A Stomp Animation

“Out Loud”, A Stomp Animation. This animated short is based on the play “Stomp.” It is meant to draw the viewer in with its unique instruments and interesting rhythms. It is an out of the box experience that is being brought to you in a different form using 2D animation. Enjoy your experience!

Jason Dahlke -

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Design is more about telling stories then it is about designing. My stories and my personal experiences are what impacts the people who see my designs. From photography to animating shorts carrying my emotions into a project is how the world is going to find out who I am.


The redesign of an existing organization

Tapestry is a pregnancy and family resource center located in Minneapolis, MN. My redesign includes their logo, business cards, website and many marketing materials. Through this design, a feeling of professionalism and their mission are both brought out with the use of colors, graphics and compositions.

Micayla Sipe -

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Originally from Minnesota, Micayla Sipe will be graduating in December from the University of Wisconsin–Stout with a degree in Multimedia Design, and an emphasis in Graphic Design and Web Design. Outside of school and work, she spends her time with her close family and friends and participating in water sports and camping.

Do It For The Greater Good

Social Ethics Resource Project

I feel passionate about the status of the environment and our place in it. I have created a social ethics project that is constructive and progressive in its message. A commercial video advertisement will encourage individuals to integrate sustainability into their lifestyles. Don’t know how? Check out the different resource pages on:

Megan Larson -

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As a designer in the 21st century, I am drawn to the effects of mass media on social psychology. I design for purpose and emotion, using video, photography and graphic animation. Through these mediums I will move mountains in social ethics and advertising. Working for a good cause gives my life more purpose and I don’t intend to stray far from that.

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