Mellisa Broekert


A complete design of a fresh, up-and-coming hair salon including specific branding, 3D renders of the facility, a virtual tour, and website.

Dan Caldwell


A comprehensive study of the human form, combining both life drawing and 3D modeling, primarily focusing on character design based upon Ancient Greek mythology.

Ted Cincoski


In depth designs of three main characters for a video game concept, including 3D models with turntables, digital paintings, and a cover illustration of the game.

Rachel Gross


A concept for a new tattoo and piercing parlor focusing on custom, stylized illustration; complete with website, photo gallery, art samples, and comment board with which customers can share their stories about tatooing.

Adam Kastonek


A concept design for a furniture company specializing in modern, wooden furniture constructed from reclaimed materials; complete with corporate identity, website, and even a marketing campaign.

Patrick Kornetzke


An interactive application using webcamera vision and a custom interface to help beginning home brewers learn about different brewing ingredients, ultimately aid them in the creation of their own recipes.

David Larson


A nine-page web comic outlining the first chapter of a larger story about a boy, his dad, and a mythical Shark-Dragon. The comic itself demonstrates techniques such as illustration, writing, character design, digital painting, and more.

Travis J. Lee


A webstore built on a Content Management System (CMS), allowing for business owners to easily update their webstores with new content, products, and promotional offers with no previous web experience. Lomography International is a youthful camera company, specializing in lo-fi cameras.

Jill Olson


A freelancing identity encompassing numerous roles to offer clients complete solutions be it through video, webdesign, graphic design, and more. The show will include music videos, professional photo shoots, album artwork, and digital video shorts.

Brian Osendorf


A videogame concept focusing heavily on the light-hearted, cartoony side of entertainment, and leaving behind the serious and realistic aspects of today's videogames. Created using Modo, Maya, Mudbox, and the Unreal Engine, the result is an interactive world for visitors to explore at their leisure.

Drew Retherford


The project entails long exposure photography using creative lighting to illuminate The Brickyard Disc Golf Course. Light painting can create a wolrd of visuals not seen by the naked eye. The goal : to illuminate and paint the forest at night.

Chelsey Schock


A 3D architectural visualization of Segreto and Belleza Plastic Surgery Office, showcasing full renders of the interior and exterior of the facility, including video flythroughs and a website.



La Rouge Hair Salon is a fresh up and coming full service salon aimed to serve young adult to middle aged women. As you walk through the doors, our rich colors and modern style will invite you into our relaxed environment. We can provide you will all of the necessities you need, from styling the hair on your head to caring for your toes. All of our trained professional staff aim to pamper each and everyone of our clients through our services and treatments. La Rouge only uses the highest quality in products and aims to give you the most memorable salon experience.

Before La Rouge Hair Salon opens its doors, I am helping to promote their business. I first began this project by developing a branding system for the salon. After developing a specific style, I designed the interior and exterior of the business and then completed a three-dimensional rendering. After the rendering was complete, I created a virtual tour so the customers could view the salon before it is open. I then developed a website to as a platform to display the branding, virtual tour and all the information related to the salon.


For my senior project I am combining my interests in 3D modeling and life drawing with the study of human form. The primary focus is on my character Melia, a tree nymph based out of Ancient Greek mythology. Also included is a model of a golem, a sort of anthropomorphic construct composed of inanimate material, in this case rock, and animated by magic.


My senior show, titled Enslaver, will revolve around three main characters for a video game. The final product will consist of a 3D model with turntable of each character, a digital painting of each of the three characters, as well as a cover illustration for the game. A pamphlet introducing the story background and a portrait of each character will also be included.

Enslaver is a 3rd person, stealth-adventure, science-fantasy game.

Synopsis: In their hubris, mankind broke the barrier between hell and the mortal world, and demons have seized earth. With no other options left to them, humans fled into space, with the denizens of hell on their trail. The Enslavers, one of the groups of the underworld, wish to bring mortals to heel for their own unimaginably twisted desires. The story of Enslaver is told not from the point of view of a hero, but from a demon. Rosier, the protagonist is a demon who possesses humans, and is infiltrating society in an effort to enslave humanity. Cavalier, a Mecha, is the target of Rosier’s mission, and has been created to protect humanity. Vornagog, a powerful dragon and Rosier’s master is the leader of the enslavers. From these three characters a tale of shadows and villainy will unfold.

Through the years of my education, I’ve spent days of my time devoted to realizing a story and universe of my own creation. The influences for this setting, which is under the working title Return, vary greatly, and range from Norse Myth, to Mecha Animes. Through these influences I’ve strived to make Return a place were humanity uses technology to battle against fantastic creatures of legend. This is a world that forces humanity to its most proficient self to merely survive. Media is rife with tales of heroes, and even their darker, anti-hero counterparts, but it has been ages since a true villain’s tale has been told.

SPLYCINK - Rachel Gross

Welcome to Splycink Tattoos and Piercings! Our company name is a play off the word ‘splice’ meaning ‘to join or interweave’ and that is exactly the intention. Choose a design made by our tattoo artist/s, request your own for us to personalize for you, or come on in to get another stud piercing. We’ll help you illustrate and decorate your self-canvas however you see fit. And don’t miss out on the fun at, where we have a photo gallery of completed work, art samples, and a comment board where we urge everyone to share their favorite tattoo stories. We hope to see you soon.


Just as one expresses themselves through the clothes they wear or the hairstyle they have, furniture should also make a statement and represent the owner. At Pulp, our designs are executed with that in mind. We specialize in wooden furniture constructed of reclaimed materials, which give our pieces both a history and personality. Combining aged materials with our modern designs results in one of a kind furniture that can only be enjoyed by people with a unique taste.

For this project I created a company from the ground up, developing a corporate identity, web design as well as a marketing campaign. Much of the project is focused on showcasing my skills pertaining to advertising and creative development from a business standpoint.


Home brewing is a very fun and rewarding hobby. With an ever-growing list of quality ingredients and equipment available, home brewers today possess the tools to create an endless array of craft beer. To newcomers, however, the brewing process is often overwhelming; choosing a type of beer and its proper ingredients can be quite a challenge to someone with little or no experience.

My project is an attempt to breakdown these unnecessary complexities. Using two open-source programs called Processing (a programming language) and Reactivision (a computer vision program), I am designing an interactive library of brewing ingredients to help home brewers learn about each one’s characteristics, and ultimately help them to create their own recipes.

With the use of what I call “Ingredient Pucks” (tangible, puck-shaped objects that represent the different ingredient categories), the user is able to physically interact with the interface and find out how each ingredient affects the overall characteristics of the brew. In combination with a more “beginner-friendly” vocabulary, this system aims to make a truly intuitive environment for the user and dampen the common thought that brewing is best left to the professionals. If you can brew coffee, you can brew beer.


“Shark Tooth” is a nine-page web comic by David Larson. It’s the first chapter of a larger story that tells the tale of a boy, his dad, and a mythical Shark-Dragon. Set in an imaginative Polynesian world, young Kai Makana is annoyed from being repeatedly woken up by a loud Shark-Dragon named Wandaku. The following morning, Kai gets in a fight with his dad that will soon parallel his impending battle with the powerful but irritating Wandaku.

This project exhibits a broad focus of abilities including illustration, writing, character design, web design, and digital painting. The story is aimed at children, and draws inspiration from Polynesian Myths, Japanese Manga and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Both children and adults will find Shark Tooth a fun, offbeat adventure that speaks to the classic ties between father and son.


Let's face it : there are plenty of business owners who need an online presence and an online webstore, but shy away from the benefits because of the skills and technology required to create, run, and maintain a webstore. For my senior project, I took an established company, and created an online web store ran off of a Content Management System. In short: this is a webstore designed and developed for the not-so-tech savvy, where updating products, features, special promotions, and virtually anything else, is as simple as writing an email.

Lomography International is a camera company based out of New York, NY, and strives to maintain a youthful, vibrant aesthetic to match their quirky plastic cameras with the same appeal. For this company, I designed and developed an easy-to-use backend, as well as a youthful-but-professional website for users to experience. The webstore is fully automated, and virtually live - if you purchase something in the webstore, it will actually charge your credit card and attempt processing your order!

I wanted to design a website that would help business owners increase sales, while being manageable with no previous web development experience. This is a backwards-compatable page (IE6 +), including W3Schools Verification on all coding, and is ensured to appear the same on every browser.


As a multimedia designer, I fill multiple roles in order to deliver complete solutions to my clients. I work as an art director, writer, photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, animator, and website designer. My admiration for art and music has led me to create promotional pieces for artists, dancers, and musicians. My Senior Show work will include music videos, professional photo-shoots, graphically designed album artwork, and digital video shorts that represent theses artists.

My work will be showcased under my freelancing identity, Simply Viewed. To establish Simply Viewed at Senior Show, I will design a strong logo, business card, disc label, letterhead, envelope, animated introduction, website, and commercial.

-Jill Olson


What I have noticed in interactive media and videogames in particular over the past decade is an increasing tendency to eschew the wacky or ridiculous in favor of the serious and realistic. For my project I have made a concerted effort to turn that around, creating a cartoony world in which nothing is taken seriously, and not everything is a life altering choice.

What I have done with The Trash can Kid is to create a level from a larger story involving a young boy trying to save his fathers job. All aspects of the models were done in Modo and Maya, then sculpted with mudbox, textured and placed in the Unreal engine. The result is an interactive world for visitors to explore at their leisure.


The motion of lights over a period of time produces an image that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Using the camera as an artist’s tool, I will showcase the motion of light. Similarly, I will use stop motion animation to show the viewer the motion of light, which is something that is rarely seen in a series of still images.

Stop motion animation and light painting photographs create a visually beautiful collection of images. It is my intention to display this visual harmony to the viewer in a short movie set to music. Although not a narrative, the imagery should invoke emotion, amazement, and an understanding of the possibilities of photography.


For my senior project, I developed high-quality sensory experiences and visualizations for an architectural firm to use when marketing their design. I have collaborated with Erin Maurer, an interior designer, to develop a video flythrough and poster renderings of a plastic surgeon’s office.

Last Spring, Maurer designed a plastic surgeon’s office, Segreto and Belleza Plastic Surgery. By collaborating with Erin, I was able to use her CAD data and designs to develop a three-dimensional digital environment. The main focus of my project is not to redesign the space, but to create quality three-dimensional renderings and visualizations of the already existing design. These will be used as a marketing tool for the architectural firm that has designed Segreto and Belleza Plastic Surgery. In the architectural industry, this design process is vital to business and much more than just a passing fad. Architecture visualization provides realistic, cutting edge computer graphics and animation developed to fit the needs of a firm’s clients.

The final display consists of a short video visualization and three to five poster size renderings of key components of the building’s interior and exterior features. I will also develop a website displaying images and the video of the plastic surgery office.