Authored by Sheri Klein, UW-Stout


1. Your philosophy of education statement addresses the 4 Domains (Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Evaluation, and Professional Responsibilities)


A philosophy of education statement includes your beliefs about: what your role(s) are as a teacher; what content is important to teach, what strategies or methods you would implement to teach diverse student learners (skills, knowledge, and abilities) how, why, and when you would engage in student assessment, and your strategies for creating a positive classroom environment.


2. Your philosophy of education statement links your beliefs with theory.


Your beliefs are to be supported in the statement with quotes by educational leaders, curriculum theorists, and philosophers, who share your approaches and views toward education, teaching, and/or learning.


3. Your philosophy of education statement is a critical reflection that should be well written, organized, clear, and convincing.



4. Your philosophy may contain a metaphor for teaching.


If you have already written a metaphor for teaching, or are now thinking about one, you can include it in your beginning paragraph.


5. Your philosophy of education statement may contain an image/jpg.


If you have an image that supports your metaphor, include it in your statement to make it more visually appealing and interesting.


6.Your philosophy of education statement should be concise.

1-2 pages.